Monday, November 19, 2007

Random Ramblings

We had a good weekend. Saturday I went grocery shopping and then we went to hubby's brothers and his wife's house. They are expecting baby number three. It was nice to relax with family. We also went because the boy's wanted to see the Parana's that they have and watch them feed on some goldfish. It took them a while to eat any so the boy's got board and started playing with their little cousins. The boy's are the oldest out of all their cousins but that's because both hubby and I are the oldest in our families. Our boy's are seven (will be eight in March) and five (will be six in January). Hubby's first younger brother's (the one we visited) has a soon to be three year old girl (will be in Dec.) and then he has a son that is a year and a half years old and then he has another son on the way. Hubby's other brother has a three year old girl and one that is almost a year old I believe. Don't know exactly because they don't try and keep in contact with any of the family (that is a long story for another day).

Sunday we went to Church and came home afterwards. I cleaned up the house some and then we just chilled the rest of the day pretty much. We watched the movie Transformers. It was an alright movie. It wasn't terrible but it won't be a favorite of mine. The boy's enjoyed it though. It was nice to just be together as a family though.

Today I watched my niece for a little while (my brothers little girl she will be 2 in April) but she started to really be congested so I called my brother and let him know and he got off work and picked her up. I guess it's the croup that she has. She had it last year and has it again this year. The poor girl sounded awful. I felt so bad for her. When my brother first brought her over she seemed fine with only a little cold but when I went to put her down for a nap she started to wheeze and woke herself up. So I am glad my brother came and got her.

I have decided to give the boy's a week off school for Thanksgiving this week. They have been doing really well and are ahead in their work anyway. I will have them read some this week but no "formal" schooling. They were happy to hear that LOL. I will probably do some art's and craft's with them too.

Tomorrow is good old laundry day. So it's off to the Laundromat to do that. Then come home and clean up the house some more I suppose. Other than that I don't have any real plans. The day after Thanksgiving we are going to my bil and sil's house for a Thanksgiving dinner and then sometime later in the week my mom is going to have a Thanksgiving dinner for the family too. Other than that don't really have much planned at the moment but we shall see how that goes. Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Julie said...

More than one Thanksgiving dinner??? You lucky girl you! *rofl*

Sounds like you had a nice weekend though.

We're not doing school this week either. The kids are thrilled, as always! :D


dakotablueeyes said...

we still don't know what we are doing for Thanksgiving. Keith loved the transformers. lol