Friday, November 16, 2007

My Niece

Today has been a long day. Mainly it's because I was watching my little niece again. I've said before that she will be two in April. So she is still a little thing. She wore me out though. Not because I had to chase her around or anything. She was actually well behaved LOL. But for some reason when I watch a young baby always tires me out LOL. I don't know if it's the smell of baby or just a flash back to when the boy's were babies that makes me so tired LOL.

Chord, my oldest, was an easy going baby but I remember every time I held him and he fell asleep in my arms I would fall asleep with him LOL. This with the baby that would sleep all the time and even 12 hours after he was six weeks old so I had no business being tired LOL. My youngest on the other hand, Jarod, was the complete opposite LOL. He was a very cranky baby and so I got sleep when I could. He didn't even sleep through the night till he was about nine months out. Thankfully now he is a very happy boy and not nearly as cranky LOL.

So maybe those are some of the reasons I get so tired when I watch a baby LOL. She was very sweet though. She already loves to put on shoes LOL. My brother better watch out for that when she is older LOL. I can see her having a closet full of shoes and purses or something LOL. She even tried to put on Jarod's shoes. She just loves putting on shoes. Funny enough she even put them on the right foot LOL.

My niece is afraid of my hubby for some reason LOL. I think it's because he is so tall. He's 6' 4" and a big man. She also doesn't seem him very often either so that might be why too. Today she got better at being around him. She at first wouldn't even look at him but then before he went to work she would give him a high five and play with a car he gave her but she still wouldn't let him hold her or anything LOL. But hey she didn't cry just looking at him like she usually does LOL.

That's about been the extent of my day today. Yeah we did do schooling while my niece was here but we didn't do a lot considering it's Friday and I usually take an easier approach on Friday's since it's the end of the week. So we didn't do a lot with that. After my niece left I pretty much just picked up a little bit and was lazy for the rest of the day LOL.


dakotablueeyes said...

Babies are hard work lol

Julie said...

Nothing wrong with being lazy!... At least that's my motto! *lol*

Your niece sounds cute. We don't have any nieces and nephews that are little. Josh and the girls are the youngest on both sides of the family. :)

Julie said...

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kel said...

I get baby fever from time to time but then I really think about it and I am fine with my two and all the running they require.
I was going to make my kids do school Monday and Tuesday but the other homeschool moms in our group made me feel bad so my kids are eternally grateful and are having a week off this week.

Kevin and Sarah said...

Hadessah has always been afraid of men... every man except for Daddy! She used to cry whenever a man would come into the room. Now she just gets all clingy and tried to avoid them. So, I guess that's a variation of normal.