Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Warning Mommy Brag

My boy's were so sweet this morning. They first woke me up at almost seven a.m. so I could get them some cereal for breakfast so I get up and go into the kitchen and there were the boy's making me a pot of coffee LOL. They both helped in their own way to make me a pot of coffee and you know what it was good LOL. Chord, my oldest even turned the TV on to the show I like to watch in the morning. It was so sweet that they did that for me. The reason they know how to make coffee is because they see me make it every morning and have even helped me make it before. For some reason they love to make the coffee even though they have never drank it LOL. I feel like such a blessed mom with my boy's. I love how they think of others before they think of themselves.

Chord has always been a giving person. I remember when he was three years old and I know of a family that wasn't going to have a Christmas for their children because they were having a hard time that year. I had told Chord and I said how about we go through some of your toys and find out which ones we can send them. So he helped me go through his toys and I let him pick out what he wanted to give and he picked out quite a few to send the family. I had also bought a few newer toys for them also but I couldn't believe just how giving Chord had been. When I was little if my mom wanted to give my toys away even when ones I hadn't played with in ages I would say "No, that's min!" LOL as I got older I got better but it just amazed me at three years old Chord was happily giving away some of his toys.

On Chord's fifth birthday we bought him a bike. We were going to later go by Jarod (his younger brother) a bike in a week or two. Well Chord had also gotten some birthday money from my dad (his grandpa) and he insisted on using that money to buy his little brother a bike. I told him its ok mommy and daddy would get him one the following week. He insisted on buying his brother a bike so we took him to the store and he used his birthday money to buy his brother a bike and he was happy with that. That is just how Chord has always been. If someone is sick he feels bad for them. Once his brother was sick and he cried for him and said he wished he could be sick for him. It always amazes me on just how caring and loving he is. He is just a very empathetic person. I am the same way but it took me years to be that where he seemed to always be that way.

Jarod has learned from Chord and us how to be caring and giving to others. When he was younger he was a lot like how I was that it was mine and no one else's LOL. But as he has gotten older (he will be 6 in Jan.) he's learned to be very giving also. But one thing about Jarod is that he loves to make people laugh. When he sees someone crying or sad looking (especially babies) he will do whatever he can to make them laugh. He will pretend to beat himself up or act as goofy as he can to make someone smile. He also loves to cuddle. He is the one who will just come out of his room and come up to me or hubby and say I love you and give you a big hug. He is the kind of person who can light up a room when he walks in. Even when the light is shining on him he always seems to make it about making people laugh not necessarily to get all the attention. He loves everyone he comes into contact with and they seem to love him LOL. He's got a lot of energy and rarely sits still but he is always loving and caring and uses that energy to bring joy to others.

Chord and Jarod are so different in their personalities but together they make a great team. They are always there for each other and for the people they love. They amaze me on how well they get along and how much they love each other. They are each other's best friends. My prayer for them is to always have that love for each other and for others. God has truly blessed us with these boys. Yeah I am a proud mommy LOL!!


Julie said...

Oh! That's so sweet! Sounds like you have a couple of great boys!

Jody said...

Thank you. They are really sweet boy's. Though there are those days LOL.

dakotablueeyes said...

Okay I have to teach my kids to make coffee for when I forget lol

Kevin and Sarah said...

That's great that Chord has such a generous nature. That really goes against the spirit of this age. They both sound like great kids.

Jody said...

Thanks. I think they are pretty great kids too LOL but then again I might be just a tad bit bias LOL. The do suprise me all the time just how loving they are. God has truly blessed me. But then again I think most (if not all) moms are pretty blessed.