Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laundry, Bunk Beds and Stress

Not much going on today.  Hubby went with us today to the Laundromat because he had to go to Michigan Works to update a few things so he can get his extension on Unemployment. 

While I was folding laundry he helped with school work by having Jarod read to him.  Jarod did really well.  He's really coming along in his reading.

When we got home we finished up school work and cleaned the boy's top bunk.  See we don't have a lot of room and the boys don't have a closet in their room.  So some of their big "Star War" ships were up there.  The boys have shared the bottom bunk for a while now.  Even when it wasn't all full of stuff they liked to sleep in the same bad. 

Hubby bought an extra bin to put at least most of them in and the rest on top of them (these are big ships.  Got them on E-bay :) ).  So now they have the top bunk again.  They were really excited about it now though.  I think they are getting older and need their own space.  I am glad we cleaned it up for them. 

Jarod is now sleeping on the top (he really wanted to LOL) and Chord is sleeping on the bottom bunk (Which he prefers anyway).  Besides they are both getting to big to share one twin sized bunk LOL.  Nice to have a little more room too I think.

Friday is the MOMS Club® Membership Meeting so once again I am having to get the Newsletter ready for print.  We are still working on it but this month I am not getting stressed out about it.  I figure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.  So if it doesn't get done they can't really blame me for it :P.  I am learning not to stress the small stuff (really trying anyway LOL). 

So how about you?  Do you get stressed easily? (Oh I sure can on certain things). What is something that really stresses you out? What do you do to chill out? LOL.  I was just curious to see if I am alone or not LOL.


Ami said...


Um, yes.

It's my middle name. It doesn't appear on my birth certificate because my parents didn't notice it until later. :)

I worry and fret and obsess and stress and worry some more.

Most of the time, I'm functional anyway.


Julie said...

When my boys were sharing a room, my Jared slept on the top bunk too... I had him up there because he is the older one... But now that they are in their own rooms, Josh gets the bunk bed to himself. Sometimes he sleeps on top, sometimes on the bottom. ;)