Monday, October 20, 2008

A Fishing Story and Blessings

We had a pretty good weekend.  Saturday we didn't do much of anything but Sunday was Church and then afterwards we went to my mom's so her and her fiance' could take the boys fishing :).  We all went (even Hubby who is not really into fishing LOL).  I pretty much just helped the boys fish.  Hubby I think just enjoyed watching us LOL.  Chord caught his first two fish ever and Jarod also caught two!  They were just small little blue gills but boy did it make Chord excited LOL!!

He was casting his rod like an old pro and hooked those two fish with his own skill LOL.  I will have to get the pics scanned or have my mom (she took the pics with her camera. I forgot mine ugh) email them to me to share on here.  Chord thought fishing was the best thing ever LOL.  He had a blast!!

Jarod on the other hand got a little board.  He doesn't sit still for long so he was off doing his own thing most of the time.  He did enjoy giving me the worms to put on the hooks though LOL.  It's so funny because just last year he wouldn't touch any bug or creepy crawly with a ten foot pole LOL.  Just a year later and he's held many of bugs and creepy crawlies (except spiders LOL) and thinks it's fun!!  Go figure.  Chord on the other hand still doesn't like to touch them LOL.  I don't think he's really scared of them.  I think it's just he doesn't want to feel them crawling on him LOL.  All in all the fishing trip was a blast!!!

Anyway today one of our Pastors had his wife call and invite us all out for dinner.  So hubby, the boys and I went and met our Pastor and his wife at Church and then we drove to a Pizza Parlor.  It was a nice time.  I love talking with them and hanging out.  Anyway they know of hubby not having a job right now and how well it's been really tough on us financially.  I know I don't talk much about it here but it has been rough.  (I know God will get us through so it's not something I try and dwell on).  Anyway (Sorry got off track) out of their own personal money gave us some money to help us along!

This wasn't church money but from them personally!!  I am in tears just typing this because I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful Church family that one of our Pastor's and his family would do that for us!!  It was so unexpected. 

See our Church is a pretty big Church but yet it's still such a close church! Our Pastor's know everyone by name and manage to talk to everyone!  They invite people out to lunch or dinner or whatever just to fellowship with people!    I have never been to a church that was like this before!  Especially one so big!! 

I just have to say our family is so blessed!!  I know we are going through a hard time with the unknowing if and when Harlow will get a job.  Granted Harlow will be starting school in Jan. but he has to go full time (in order for Michigan Works to pay for it all) so he won't be working and we will be living off  of unemployment(Well TRA which is like unemployment after the unemployment) for at least a year. Which is a struggle (Sorry veered off again LOL) but we have been so blessed from family, our Church.  I tell you I know we couldn't get through this with out God working His miracles with us!!  Every time we start to wonder what we are going to do something happens and we make it through.  We are truly blessed!!

Well I guess I have babbled on long enough.  Once again a post got longer than what I was intending LOL.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! 


Ami said...

I think it's wonderful that they helped you like that.

It sounds like things are awfully tough for you right now. I hope things get better very soon.

You're definitely not alone. The economy is terrible. It just stinks.


Julie said...

Glad you had a nice time fishing... That's something we never do. I think Jared would enjoy it, but he wouldn't want to touch the worm... NONE of us would want to touch the worm. *lol*

I sure hope your hubby can find a job soon... But sounds like the Lord is really taking care of you guys!

Ellen said...

My sister goes to a church and they don't help out any one! Of course the attendance is down to 8 people total. (No children at all) They have five rental properties all around the church and she rents one of them from her. She is on disability and her rent got behind. Usually they will work with her. She has been in the home since 1983. When she had a car accident years ago, she gave the church lots of money and now they have given her until January 1st to have the rent caught up. We have helped pay last heating bill and bought her more fuel and paid a lot to get her car fixed. But....our money is almost gone out of savings by helping her.

What I want to say is that she asked me why were we helping her and I reminded her of a verse in either Galatians or Ephesians that says to "Help those who are of the household of faith."

Thankfully, God has laid it on the pastor's heart to help. I believe it is wonderful because as you get back on your feet, you too will find opportunities to give to others as well.

People will know us by our love.