Friday, October 17, 2008

Well the MOMS Club® New Member Breakfast went great!!  I was really impressed with how many showed up.   It was a great time too just for us all to get to know each other better and mingle!  I am glad we had it and I think the new members are too.

I ended up staying way later to talk with my friend.  I am glad I did too because I always have a good time when I am around her.  It's not like we do a lot but talk but it's always so much fun.

We didn't get a lot of  school work done but that's ok because Friday's we usually take it easy anyway.  It's the day we do more reading or doing things the boys like to do mostly.  So they got to "socialize" with their friends LOL.  I did have them practice their math facts a little today and had Chord read for a bit but that's about it. 

Not much else going on today.  Hubby is playing his guitar right now as I type this.  He is trying to learn a new song.  I think he's doing pretty good but I hear him growl at himself every now and then when he messes up LOL.  Hey I can't play an instrument at all so I think he's doing pretty good LOL.  That and he can play drums.

Actually every Thursday he goes to his friends house and they play together.  Hubby plays the drums for them.  They actually have a Myspace page of a few of their songs.  I think they are pretty good myself but I maybe a little bias :). 

I love to hear him play.  I remember when we were teenagers and he would play on his guitar (He started to play when he was 17).  I enjoyed listening to him.  My hubby has a lot of talents :).  He is also great a drawing.  I wish he would do it more.  Again I remember when we were teenagers he would draw me things and I would hang them on my bedroom wall.  Yes, I am sentimental LOL.  He once drew a pic of me from his Senior Pic's.  It was so good.  I believe we lost that one in our fire in 2004 though :(.

I can't believe hubby and I have already been together for a little over fifteen years now and married for ten years!  We've had our tough times but we have gotten through them.  We are going through a rough patch now with him out of a job and him going to go to school.  Money is so tight right now but I know we will get through it just like we have gotten through other rough patches.  I truly believe God has gotten us through everything we have been through.  We are stronger for it though just like I know we will be after we get through this too!! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Julie said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who growls to myself when I make a mistake! *rofl*

Ami said...

It really is the adversity a couple goes through together that really makes the bond.

Your relationship will be stronger because of all of it, but I know it's stressful.

Hang in there.