Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not too much to report today. I am in a better mood than I was yesterday though LOL. So that's good anyway. Why does it seem like Winter lasts forever? Anyway today was good ol' Laundry Day. Not many people were there. In fact when we first arrived no one was there till just about when our laundry was about done in the washer. Even afterwards there were only a few people there. That's ok though because it made the boy's doing their school work go that much faster and less distractions.

After we got back I had to run to the Library to take back some books and to pick-up a book for Create and Play on Thursday. So I am finally all set for that. Create and play is a week early this month because so much other stuff is being done within the MOMS Club. Next month will be back to normal I hope LOL.

I loved watching the boy's play today. They decided that in their little world they would have a bank and a store LOL. They had boxes set up like counters and everything LOL. It was just too cute!! I have a couple entrepreneurs LOL. It was just too cute to watch.

Tomorrow I have to take Jarod in for his check-up. That's at 10:45 a.m. The only thing Jarod doesn't like about it is getting his blood pressure taken LOL. Why I don't know but we shall see how it goes. He's all caught up in shots I believe so hopefully he won't need to get any. I really hate when they have to get them. probably as much if not more than they do. I believe he is all caught up though. So how was your day?


dakotablueeyes said...

glad you are feeling better

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate when the kids have to get shots too! The last time Amanda got them, the nurse asked ME if I was OK! *rofl*

Glad you're feeling better!