Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Well today was Jarod's doc appt. and yes he had to get a shot ugh. He screamed actually more after the shot than during the shot. I even had to hold him down :( . I felt so bad for him but he's doing just fine now. I just really hate having them get their shots. I think sometimes I take it harder then they do LOL.

Well we will be getting a new vehicle after we get our federal taxes back. We do need something with more storage space. We are getting a Jeep. Hubby already put some money down on it so once we get our taxes back (hopefully by Friday from what it says) we will put the rest of the money down on it. The guy we are getting it from his son is a mechanic and has really made sure it was taken care of. It's even got something in it so it gets better gas mileage on it. Don't ask me exactly what because I can only put gas in, check oil, and change a tire when it comes to cars LOL. Hubby said what it was but my mommytimers kicking in and I don't remember what he called it LOL. But hubby and I are both excited about getting it!

Tomorrow is of course Create and Play but if there are school closings (it's been sleeting and snowing here) then we have to cancel Create and Play. I hope it's not canceled though because I enjoy it and I know the boy's do too.

Next week may or may not be busy LOL. I have things on a maybe list but that all depends on what goes on with the Jeep we will be getting. It will need a new windshield and a new blinker because it's broke but that's it. So if we do get the jeep we have to take it in to get those things fixed (well hubby can fix the blinker). But if we can get it in at a good time I will be able to get to do the other things I had planned. If not that's ok too. I could use a break LOL. I do have to say though I have been doing better with managing my time better (thank you Anne for the writing things in a planner). My house isn't really organized but hey I am organizing my time much better now LOL. Baby steps right? LOL.


dakotablueeyes said...

lol I could have sold you my jeep lol. Is it snowing there today? Saw the radar kind of looked like it but wasn't sure.

multipleblessings said...

Joe put something in our engine to help with the gas... But I don't remember what it's called either. *lol*

Oh, and here in Oregon, you can't put gas in your own car. The service station attendant has to do it. :D


dakotablueeyes said...

I had to put motivation for mom's on my site too I like today's tip of starting a note book with the kids and journaling together about the world. I might do that too.