Monday, February 11, 2008

I know, I know I have been MIA again LOL. It's been a busy four day's or so. Thursday we did Create and Play and it was a lot of fun! Kids even got to play in shaving cream LOL.

By the time all was said and done they were both covered in shaving cream LOL. I should have gotten a good picture of that LOL. Oh well I am sure we will have more fun with that another time LOL. The rest of the day just seemed to fly by and I didn't get a chance to blog.

Friday, We got our taxes back so we got a new Jeep! Ok well it's not new but new to us LOL. It's a 1998 not a 97' that I thought it was before LOL. It's really nice. I haven't had a chance to take a pic of it. Hopefully I can soon and show you all LOL. It had a crack in the windshield but that's about all that is wrong with it and we got the replaced today (Monday) So Friday was really busy with running around and getting the Jeep all legal. So again I didn't get a chance to blog.

Saturday, I went grocery shopping and then we went shopping. We got the boy's each a pair of new pants since they some how manage to get holes in their knees in a least two other pairs of pants LOL. Boy's I tell you (at least mine) are rough on pants and socks ugh! I also got some ink for my printer and some Valentines Day cards for the boy's for their Valentines Day party on Wednesday at a homeschool group. Later that night I also went through and ordered the boy's (well mostly Chord since Jarod will just use Chord's stuff from previous years) curriculum for next year. I forgot to get a couple of other things though so I will order the rest after we get what's coming.

Sunday, we went to Church of course and enjoyed the service. Not a lot of people were there though because of the really icy cold weather! Boy was it freezing out! After Church we went to lunch with one of our Pastor's and his family. We went to Tiffany's Pizza. We spent a couple hours just chatting with them. It was a good time. They had a couple of their teenage kids with them. They were really great kids too. The older teenage boy even included the boy's in the conversations and of course they talked about Lego's LOL. After that we came home and stayed in doors because of the cold weather LOL. Day's like that I wish we could just hibernate but then I have said that before LOL.

Today, we didn't do much either even though it wasn't as cold as it was yesterday it was still pretty cold. Harlow woke-up early to get the windshield replaced and then head to work. We did get schooling done though and I got stuff around for tomorrow since it is laundry day! Hubby is going to take us tomorrow though because it's supposed to be really icy tomorrow and he would rather drive us and I would feel better about it too I think. I have to meet a friend of mine there too because I have to return a Science experiment book to her. She has to use it for something she is doing with her daughters preschool or something.

So that is what I have been up to the last four day's. I hope everyone had a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

One of these days you need to slow down, so that I won't feel so lazy!!! ;)

Love the photos!


dakotablueeyes said...

my kids would have loved that