Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More of my Ramblings :).

Not too much going on today.  After how busy we have been I am ok with that LOL.  We just had Science Club with the MOMS Club® but that was in the afternoon so nothing too much.

Friday is the Monthly meeting for MOMS Club® and our President is stepping down.  Funny thing is she would only have three more months with elections coming up but I guess she is done.  She is also going to drop out of the club.  There have been some issues with her so maybe it’s the best thing right now.  So the AVP is going to take the President’s position and we will have to get a new AVP.

I am still deciding if I want to run again for this coming election.  Maybe I will wait and see if anyone nominates me LOL.  The job itself isn’t really all that hard for me and I like doing that part of it but there are other issues I am not sure if I want to keep dealing with or not. Maybe since I have been through it all already I will be more prepared for it.  The question is do I really want to or not?  It hasn’t been a total disaster or anything just certain things that have got me thinking.  Lets just put it this way.  Sometimes if feels like I am back in high school.  Make sense?  It’s not everyone just certain people.  What’s really weird is it’s people I have liked.  So I don’t know what to do right now.

Anyway on a different note.  Hubby has a job interview on Tuesday!!!  It’s for the rest stop (a state job).  He would just do like groundskeeper things which he is ok with and hey eventually he would get decent pay we would have good benefits.  It might start off as part-time or seasonal but we can make it through that.  From what he said if it’s like that he could still collect some of his unemployment.  Of course it would be less with what he would be making but it’s something right?!  He really hated the school thing and there was no guarantee he would be able to get a job afterwards so this is probably a good thing he is doing.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers about getting this job! 


amysalli said...

well glad to hear you got a rest after all the busy time you had.

hope all goes well with the moms club decision.

sending warm wishes for Harlow to get the job.

Julie said...

Hope the interview went well!