Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hello Everyone,  I know I have been gone a LONG, LONG time and I am sorry.  We have just had a lot going on.  We have had our fair share of illnesses and been busy with school. Seems we get really busy this same time of year every year with doing things. 

I have been spending a lot of time with my camera :).  A friend of mine in Feb. took me and the boys to take pictures of this one park that had flooded and then iced over.  I got some really great pics :). 

Copy(2) of DSCF0038The boys with their friend 

Copy(2) of DSCF0060
bridge near the park

Copy of DSCF0056

I have many more cool pics of this park but maybe I will show those another time :)

Also in Feb. the boys had Science Club within the MOMS Club®

Science Club Pics5

Science Club Pics1

Then of course we have been doing school work as you can see it’s not the most fun thing for the boys LOL.

Copy of DSCF0060

Copy of DSCF0039

Then in March I played more with my camera….

Can you tell they are getting sick of me taking pics?

DSCF0001 (2)


DSCF0036 (2)

Also in March we went to the Natural History Museum.  The boys had a lot of fun looking at everything!

Then this past weekend (March 21) we had a birthday party for both boys.  Since Jarod’s birthday falls so close after Christmas (Jan. 3) we decided to have a combined party for both boys.  Poor Jarod has never had a birthday party because where his birthday falls and we just don’t have the money at that time.  But he and Chord had a lot of fun this year with it!  They had it at our local bowling alley! My Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law bought the cake but decorated it themselves (aren’t they awesome?!)


Then today was Chord’s official birthday!  Can you believe he is nine years old now?!  I still can’t figure out where the time went.  Anyway we took the boys to the Zoo today.  It was a bit chilly but so worth it because there was hardly anyone there :).  So we didn’t have to rush through it like in the summer months.  We also got to hear an elephant trumpet a little and one of the Lions roared at us LOL.  Well I wouldn’t say roar exactly it was more like it was calling or something.  It scared Jarod though LOL.  But it was the coolest thing to hear.  Usually they are sleeping on the other side of the Rock so we can’t see them but this time one of them made an appearance.  I only wish I took a video of it instead of just pictures.  Anyway here are some zoo pictures!


In other news, Harlow has decided to not continue with the schooling.  He was having a rough time with it and it wasn’t making him happy and his negative attitude about it was rubbing off our family as well.  So he is now not going to school but still getting unemployment and actively looking for a job.  Even if he has to start from the bottom he is willing to do it.

Please pray that he can get into a Rest Area which would be a State Job.  His friends brother works there and he told Harlow there will be an opening there soon.  So pray that there is an opening and that he does get the job. Even if he starts off at a low wage it’s a state job so it will have good benefits and in the long run he will make better money down the road.  So please keep thinking of us :). 

I am sorry I have been gone so long.  I also wanted to thank all of you who have commented or emailed me wondering how I have been.  I really appreciate it :).  At least I know I was missed a little LOL.  I hope everyone is doing well!!!


iAm said...

Nice to 'see' ya.

Wow, you've been busy!!

Good luck to your hub on the job thing.

amysalli said...

glad to see ya back.

wow you have been busy just like i have been.

sorry to hear about hubby not going to school anymore.

i am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for him to have a chance at the state job.

i know it iwll all work out in the end it always does.

Weber said...

Life does get busy doesn't it!?

Glad you're back. :-)

Julie said...

Glad you're posting again!... Sorry for the late comment. I was without my computer for 10 days. *Boo!* ;)

Glad the boys had a nice party! Looks like you're having fun with that camera. :)