Thursday, January 15, 2009

Very Cold and Future

Thought I should change my layout a bit.  This is what it seems like it is here in Michigan LOL.  Granted there is no mountains here but it is very cold and snowy here. This year has been a lot of snow.  I haven't seen this much snow here in a long time. 

All though the snow is pretty.  Especially when it's fresh untouched snow I still don't like the cold!  It's really cold!  If I could I would just hibernate till Spring LOL.

With the weather being cold we haven't been outside too much unless we have too.  Poor boys.  I know they want to go out and play in all that snow but it is just too bitterly cold.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder!  With the wind chills it's supposed to be like 25 degrees below freezing!

Hubby is getting into a routine of going to school now.  He is feeling a lot better about things but please keep him in your prayers.  Pray for all of us that he can find a job after the schooling.

He's going to get the State certificate to be a diesel mechanic.  From what we have heard from a few people it's an in demand job.  So hopefully after a year it will still be in demand and hubby can find a job.  It's been a long year of him being without work. 

While it's been nice having him home the uncertainty of things can be a bit stressful.   Granted we know God provides and has through these time it is still a bit scary.

With hubby going to school and his schedule  and homeschooling the boys it is about impossible for me to even think of even getting a part-time job. 

Even with all that though I am thinking positive.  After all God had really provided for us thus far.  Every time I don't know how we are going to get through I pray and we get through it.  Some way or another we get through.  So even though I am uncertain of what the future holds and am a little scared I know we will some how get through it all.  Not sure how or what way it will lead us but I do know we will get through.

Well I guess I have babbled on long enough.  Thanks for reading this far if you got this far LOL.  I hope everyone is having a good week and a great start to your new year!


Ami said...

The blog looks nice. :)

I hope he finds a really good job when he's done with school. So many people hurting right now, it makes me sad.

Hang in there, kiddo.

madame said...

Sounds like your husband is a very brave man. Going back to school for a new job is not so easy!
I know how you feel about doing your part too, but I believe you are doing your best caring for your boys (a job in itself) and encouraging your husband.

Keep up that faith, Jody, sometimes I envy you for it!


Julie said...

Sure hope he gets a job... I don't know what we would do if Joe didn't have his job!!!!

It's not that cold here. For the last couple nights it's gotten into the 20s at night, but then warmed back up to the 40s during the day. We also haven't had any snow since the light skiff we got on New Years.