Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here I Am!!

Hey Everyone. It is so nice to read messages that I am missed! Sometimes I wonder if anyone would really miss my blog. Glad to see that some would :). Makes me feel that much more loved.

Anyway, we have been pretty busy around here. Of course there was Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas! We were very blessed that another family helped us for making the boys Christmas good. Not that it wouldn't have been good if they didn't help but it's so wonderful that there really are Godly people wanting to help a family that is going through a rough time like ours. To me it made it more to do with the actual Christmas Spirit than materialism. I don't know who it was that let us have this wonderful Christmas but I and my family are very grateful!! I pray they are doubly as blessed!!

Someone else from our church had put in our name for a Christmas Dinner. So we got a ham, corn, stuffing, Scalloped Potato's and some little toys for the boys. I totally believe our family is truly blessed through these trying times. God has really been with us! We would have never asked for either of these things yet God provided!!

We also had Christmas at my mom's and then again at Harlow's sisters house later in the week. I love just spending time with family and if I do say so myself I think we have a wonderful family :) !!

Right after Christmas is of course the New Year. So we went to a friends house and celebrated there. It was a good time with friends. The boys had a great time too playing some video games LOL.

After all the Holidays on January 3rd we celebrated two birthdays! Harlow's and my baby boy! Can you believe he is already seven years old? I just don't know where the time goes. Even with me being a Stay-at-home-mom and a homeschool mom time still flies by! Hubby I can now call my old man till my birthday in June LOL. Not that I really would but I could LOL. When my birthday comes around though we will be the same age again LOL.

On Jan. 8th hubby started his classes. He's been a little overwhelmed and nervous but he went to lunch with one of our Pastors and another member of our church and talked with them the other day. He is feeling much more confident and better about things now. Please keep him in your prayers. I know this is something totally different for him and yes it will be hard but I believe (I know) he will get through this. I know he would appreciate all the prayers he can get.

So that is what we have been up to since I last posted. I hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!!! Here are some pics of Christmas and Birthdays!

Pics of Christmas at home





Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's

Gifts from Grandparents and Uncle and Aunt



They were very excited about this that Grandma and Grandpa got this for them (my mom in the background)


Christmas at Harlow's Sister and her Hubby's house.

018 - Copy

017 - Copy

I do have more pics but a lot of them have family members in them so I don't know if they want their picture online. But it was a great time!

We didn't have a big birthday party or anything. It was just celebrated at home with some cake. Jarod had gotten his birthday presents early and later he got a gift from his grandma :). He got some Wii Attachments (for baseball, tennis and golf from her. From us he got some Batman figures he's been wanting plus a Batmobile.

(Please pay no attention to the mess in the kitchen LOL)



Here are a couple of just the boys being them LOL.



Don't know if I can totally catch-up but I will try and go to some blogs today :). I hope everyone enjoyed my pics!!!


Julie said...

Hey, you're here! I've been wondering where you went. *lol* ... So glad you've been well and had a wonderful Christmas. :D ... We did Jared's birthday on Saturday, and I'm not over the fact that he is 11 now. *sob*

Welcome back to blog land! :D

Ami said...

I was thinking of you this morning. Wondering if you had computer troubles or???
Glad to see you back and blogging!!


madame said...

Hi Jody,
It's great to see you around. I'd miss your blog if you disappeared. I had been checking from time to time, see if maybe you'd posted something about Christmas.
What classes is your hubby starting? I'll keep him in my prayers.

Don't worry about your kitchen, you should see mine! One cupboard doesn't have a door (we adapted a corner kitchen) so it's always a mess because Ariel gets into it. Then Silas went and swung on another cupboard door and tore it off... I'm not very good at handywork. That just adds to the usual end of the day mess.

I like your Christmas pictures! Sounds like your boys had a great Christmas.


Weber said...

Hey there! Glad you're back but i know how busy things can get! :)
I know how you feel - my little Ethan just turned 8!!! How do they grow so fast???

Papa Don said...

We're really glad to hear from you again. We had 5 girls, so I enjoy your tales of the boys. Our youngest is now 23 and married, and we have 7 grandchildren (3 girls and 4 boys). Unfortunately, most of them have moved way out west and we rarely see them, so I think your boys are almost our vicarious grandsons.