Monday, December 22, 2008

Boy's Singing and Cold Weather

Yesterday, at Church the boys got to sing with the adult choir for four songs!!  Dummy me forgot my camera though ugh.  We were over 1/2 way there when I realized it!  Ugh sometimes I don't know where my head is.

They did really well too!!  Jarod was on the bottom row on the left hand side and he was the second one in that line.  Then Chord being as tall as he is was in the top row (there was only 2 rows) on he was the first one all the way to the right.  They sang Silent Night, Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel, and What I want for Christmas.  I was so proud for them :)!  Now if only I had pictures *sigh*.

It's been really cold here the last few days so other than going to Church yesterday we haven't done much at all.  The roads are pretty yucky too.  The road commission I guess (just like most of Michigan) is cutting down on things like only salting and scrapping main roads and no over time.  So the roads are awful!  Thankfully we have the jeep which is a part time 4x4. 

It's been so bad that Harlow has even had to get one of our neighbors cars unstuck in our own driveway (we share the same driveway) a few times.  Thankfully they have our number they  ever need to get pulled out!

Tomorrow I have to go to the Laundromat to do laundry so hubby said he would drive me (the boys too of course LOL) there.  Which I am glad because I really don't like driving in this mess.  I have driven in snow before but this is a lot of snow and ice!  Anyone out there need any ice or snow? LOL.  I would be too happy to ship those out along with the cold LOL.  I am so not a winter person!  How about you?


Ami said...

I hate it when I forget my camera, but I do it all the time, too.

And NOOOOO!!! No more ice and snow!! PLEASE!!!


Julie said...

It's a bummer you forgot your camera! I would have been so upset.

We don't need anymore snow or ice, thank you very much! *lol*

And yes, I am a summer girl myself. :D

madame said...

I'll be taking hubby to all school events. He's the camera!
I tend to forget it, or to forget to use it. Duh!

You could send some snow, I wouldn't mind a white Christmas!

Have a blessed Christmas

Ellen said...

I would like some snow cream but my Dad said you couldn't use the first snow of the season. We ususally don't get a whole lot of snow, but we ususally have to contend with ice and snow dustings.

Rather than you send me some snow and ice, I'll go buy me some Vanilla Ice Cream and imagine I made it out of snow cream. LOL

I made a homemade bread pudding today to remind my husband of when he was a kid - and that was a lloooonnnngggg time ago. LOL He is 68.5 years old with the most beautiful snowy white hair.

I like temperatures in the 68-78 range and wouldn't mind living somewhere that had those moderate temperatures. But....however, I am like Paul....I have to be content in whatever state (LOL) I am in - and currently that is in Central Virginia.

Merry Christmas.

Believers said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

amysalli said...

i know it is a bummer whenyou forget the camera. My luck is that i rememebr the camers but then forget to take pictures.

Hope your christmas was merry and i wish you a happy new year. I know it is a little late.

but as they say better late than never.

Homeschool Mom said...

I guess I am a bit strange, but I love snow. I love to be in my house and see it coming down. My favorite seasons are fall and winter. I guess I am a bit of a freak!


Ellen said...

Jody, I've been missing you. Are you okay? Leaving message January 13th.