Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Things and Snow!

Well, I am not going to Church tonight because I am not feeling so well.  Not really sick but feeling a little run down.  The boys and hubby went though.  The boys have to go though because they have dress rehearsal because Sunday they are singing with the Adult Choir on stage.  The boys love being on stage.  I was in choir in high school but it wasn't my favorite thing to do LOL.  So I don't know where the boys get their love of doing it LOL.

In other things it started snowing a lot last night and has been snowing lightly all day today.  There was enough snow to settle on the ground so there was quite a bit!  So we stopped school a little early today so the boys could go outside and play in the snow.  Here are some pics of the boys in action LOL.  Both Harlow and I took some pics of them :) enjoy!

2008 Mom and Jarod 011

2008 Mom and Jarod 012 
This is Chord and Jarod pretending that Jarod was injured and Chord is taking him to the medic (I forget what exactly he said but something Star Warzy (I realize that's not a real word but hey it fits LOL)!

2008 Mom and Jarod 015

2008 Mom and Jarod 016

2008 Mom and Jarod 031

Pic of Jarod wearing my hat LOL.  It's big on my head so it's really big on him LOL.

2008 Mom and Jarod 032

Chord in my hat.

2008 Mom and Jarod 033 

Hehe hubby in my hat!!! My goofy man :P!2008 Mom and Jarod 034

A goofy pic of me.  I always look goofy in pics LOL.  See how big the hat is on me?

2008 Mom and Jarod 018


Ami said...

I don't wear hats, they give me a headache.

So if anyone ever gives me one, I'll send it to you. Obviously YOUR family likes 'em.


Julie said...

Love the pictures! ... We were supposed to get snow yesterday, but we didn't get ANY... Though, just this second I looked outside and it JUST started to snow. *lol*

The Woman said...

lol love the hat

Ellen said...

Ohhhh! I love it when you share your family with us. For me, being mostly home bound, when you blog and share your life, I feel as though I am a part of it.

Carla said...

so jealous of all the snow.

We just got rain. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots...of rain. Should have built an ark instead of a house!

madame said...

Your boys are too cute!
I love the pics of you all wearing your hat. You look like one fun family!

Weber said...

I miss snow so much! Thanks for the pictures! I'm trying to get back into blogging but wouldn't ya know it - I sick, sick,sick today!