Friday, January 16, 2009

Frozen Water

Well, today we woke-up to our water being frozen.  Our Landlord (he lives right next to us on the same land and share the same well) and our neighbors (also on same land and they rent from our Landlord too) are all having the same problem.  Good news is that we don't drink that water anyway (we have to get Culligan water because we have well water that isn't so good to drink) so we have drinking water anyway.  Bad news is we can't flush the toilet or take a shower LOL. 

More good news we all took a shower last night before bed so we aren't stinky yet LOL.  Also some good news is we have lots of snow!  So we collected some snow and melted it so we can put it in our toilet to flush it.  There is enough snow so it's not like we will run out unless it all melts and then we wouldn't be having a problem anyway.

So that has been our adventure for the day.  It could be worse so I am not too worried about it.  We have already had people offer the use of their shower so I think we will do ok.  I just pray it melts soon enough so we won't have to do this too long LOL.  So have you had any adventures lately?

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Julie said...

What a good idea to melt the snow to flush the toilet!! I don't know if I would have thought of that... I would probably melt/heat the snow to take a sponge bath too, but that's just because I hate to miss a shower. *lol*