Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cleaning Bug

Well We didn't end up going to Church yesterday because our Jeep is acting up.  Looks like it might be the Alternator again.  This time it's over charging (we are thinking) thankfully since we just got a new one put in not too long ago it's on Warranty so it won't cost anything to get it fixed.  It better not anyway ugh.   Harlow has to doing things to start school so it's not the best time for it to break down but then again when is a good time right? LOL.  So pray he can get it in tomorrow and fixed!

Since we didn't get to go to Church I seemed to have gotten into another cleaning mode LOL.  Since having that post on yesterday on where we like to study I realized our school/playroom needs to be cleaned out and reorganized.  See it's a pretty small room so it's not like I can fit a lot in it.  So the boys and I once again went through their toys. (Man they collect a lot of toys fast.) So now most of their toys are back in their room. (the ones we aren't going to give away or throw away.) 

I still have more to do to it tomorrow.  I need to go through the closet and then hopefully stick one of their totes(big one too) of cars in there since they won't have enough room in their room for that.  Then of course vacuum it all out and then put the big corner desk that's in the living room and move it back into the school room (I haven't had a desk in there for a while now) and I will put my laptop and school stuff on the desk while Harlow is going to use my small desk for his computer since he doesn't have as much stuff as I do LOL.  Then I will just have to rearrange the boys desk and I will be happy. (for now LOL.)

Then of course after the school room is all done I am going (with the boys help of course) to tackle the boys room.  Try and get things a little more organized in there hopefully.  It's really hard since the bedrooms are just so small.  That I will either start tomorrow after I am done with the school room or Friday. 

After that of course I will have to go through and really clean the living room, bathroom and Kitchen but they should be a lot better to go through since they are at least kept up on for daily cleaning (key word usually).  Our room I will probably get to soon as well.  Not a lot to be done there except a little more organized.  So you can say the cleaning bug has bitten me.  At least for now LOL.  So what have you been up too?


Julie said...

That sounds like a lot of work to me. *lol* ... Do we get to see pictures of the classroom when you're done??? :D

The Woman said...

don't you just love vehicles. ugh I can't even get my jeep out of hte garage until the end of the month, out of gas and money is squished