Friday, October 10, 2008

More Cleaning

(Note: this was actually typed up last night.  I will either tell you about the school room later (with pics) or tomorrow.Let's just say it's been a long day LOL ...back to our regularly scheduled program. ...

I know you have to be tired of me posting about cleaning huh? LOL.  Well the school room is just about done.  All that's left to do is move the big desk into it.  It is in the living room right now and hubby uses it for the desktop.  He's letting me have it (with my little laptop) in the school room since it has more storage area to put school stuff in.  What a sweet guy huh? LOL.  He will be taking it apart and putting it back together today.  So Julie I will get a pic to post once it's all done LOL.  Nothing like yours though (I so envy you :) )

So after the desk is all set up I plan on going through the boys room.  Their room really needs it ugh.  It wasn't that long ago we did it but ugh it get's messy fast.  Doesn't help either that there isn't much storage area here but man I wish they would be a little more organized.  Who am I to talk though because if you look at my desk now (the smaller one for now:P) it's not neat by a long shot.  I have paper everywhere.  I am really going to try and keep things at least some what organized.  Please pray for me LOL.  Or at least give me some good thoughts :P.  I need to be more organized so I won't go crazy and have to keep doing deep cleanings LOL.  Maybe it will help teach the boys about being more organized too.  Hey I can dream right? 

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Julie said...

It sure doesn't take a kid long to thrash an organized room, does it? ... My boys are good about keeping their rooms cleaned and orgnanized, but the girls? Not so much. *lol*