Friday, October 10, 2008

School Room Pictures and Still More Cleaning!

Ok, the school room is done finally!  Granted it's not a big room so I couldn't fit my bookshelves in here but it has the bigger desk where I am keeping the Teacher books, my laptop, printer etc on it.  The room (yes I measured it :P ) is 11 ft long and 8 and 1/2 feet wide.  So I really had to make due with what we have LOL.  I am still not sure if I am satisfied with it all but it's what I have done LOL.  So without further ado here are some pics of our room.

The View from the doorway from the living room (we don't have hallways LOL)

View from the boys bedroom doorway.  The door in the pic is just the closet door.

View from the corner opposite my desk.
The Alaska map is from when we follow the Iditarod race in March.  We pick a musher every year to follow :)


So as you can tell it's nothing too much but it works for us :). The plastic desk is Jarod's and the other desk is Chord's.  They do switch sometimes if they want though :P.  They seem to like it this way.  They can still bring their toys in here and play with them after school work :P so it's still kind of a playroom too.  I just got tired of the clutter you know?!

Finishing the school room wasn't the end of my cleaning spree.  No, I got the boys to clean their room.  Of course I was there to supervise (and I helped too ugh LOL).  I didn't think we would ever finish their room.  In fact I have a little more organizing to do in there before I am really through ugh. 

We just went through their room not too long ago and it was a disaster area already.  I told them it better never be like that again.  Then again I guess I shouldn't blame them too much (just a little though :P) because they do have a small room (no closet either.  They use the one in the school room) so it's not like they have a lot of storage area .  But my goodness they could keep it a little better right?  I think we all need (ok me and the boys hubby is anal about organization LOL) a little more organized.  Not saying they can't have toys out but at least to the point where every couple months it doesn't look like a tornado hit.  Any advice anyone? LOL PLEASE!!!!


Julie said...

I think your classroom looks great! ... You should have seen ours when we were in our little (tiny) house in Portland. We had to use the dining room (got rid of the dining table), which also had the changing table (Amanda was still little and in diapers there) and the clothes dryer in it. *lol* ... I'll have to dig out the pictures from that one...

Ami said...

It looks good to me.
As for organization? Clear plastic storage bins that stack so they can see what's in them without having to dump everything out and a couple tall cabinets with doors to hide them in.

As a bonus, you can put posters and art work on the cabinet doors.

If there's a freecycle in your area, you could do worse than to ask for those things. If you lived here, I'd give you some bins. I'm cleaning out my crafty stuff now that I'm no longer girl scouting.