Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sharing some Pictures

Here are some pics that I took today...



Jarod wanted me to take a pic of him in his Power Ranger costume that used to be Chord's a couple years ago.  He said it wasn't a Power Ranger outfit but a Heat Protection Batman LOL.  Anyway here he is in full costume posing LOL.


Here are some pics Jarod took on his own.  This is of his toy gun that has had to be glued back together LOL.


Here he decided he wanted to take a pic of our Jeep.  Please don't mind the heap of garbage LOL.  I have been cleaning out the house you know :P.


Now here are some pic's Chord took today.  The first two are of Lego Star War ships he built.



This pic Chord took of Jarod.  LOL He looks funny :P.Chord surprised him with taking his pic LOL. 


1 comment:

Julie said...

Great pictures!!! The sky ones look awesome... Like you had a glorious day!

My girls like to take my cell phone and take a ton of pictures too. *lol*