Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That.

Well I still have more cleaning to do but I haven't done any since Friday LOL.  I am wore out.  I will get to the rest probably either tomorrow or Tuesday depending what all I have to do.

Last night I went on a MOMS Night out with MOMS Club® mom's.  It was a bonfire at one of the mom's homes.  It was really nice to just hang out with friends with no worries.  I really needed it and glad my other friend talked me into going.

Today we went to church but have not other plans for today.  I plan on being pretty lazy LOL.  My body is still sore from all the cleaning (and hey I have exercising too with my Shimmy DVD LOL).  It will be nice just to sit and relax for a day. :)

Tomorrow I have Bible Study with the MOMS Club® moms.  I have another friend coming to pick me up so we don't have to worry about gas.  She lives in the town next to mine and has to come through this way anyway.  So that will be nice. I love these monthly gatherings :). 

For the rest of the week besides Friday I don't have much of anything planned but that may change too never know.  Friday is just a breakfast with new members with the MOMS Club®.  Nothing elaborate just a breakfast at another board members home.  Just away for the new members to feel welcomed.  So do you have any plans for the week?


Ami said...

You know, I've always said it isn't the homeschooled kids who need the social stuff... they have plenty.

It's the moms who really need to get out more.

Sounds like you are.


amysalli said...

well my plans are to try to get as much school work sone as possible instead of waiting till last minute to do it all. On tuesday i will go grocery shopping and that is about all my plans for the week besides working on vender stuff since that is coming up in a month.

glad you got to go out.

Julie said...

Isn't it sad when extra housework makes you sore? ... Happens to me all the time. *rofl*

Oh, I found a new homeschool meme... Come check it out! :D