Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Babbling's

It has been a busy couple of days.  Yesterday was Bible Study with the MOMS Club®.  We are still studying Joel Osteen's book Become a Better You .  Bible Study was canceled for one reason  or another the last couple of months.  So it was nice getting back into it.  I love our discussions too.   I always fell energized after having fellowship with other Christians!  Boys went with me too so they could play with their friends!  So  it was good for them too.

The friend that took us to Bible Study also took some of the toys (actually quite a lot) that I went through and was going to give away. So that is one less thing I have to worry about yea!!!

Anyway after Bible Study we went to the Library.  Me being goofy forgot it was Columbus Day so the Library was closed.  Thankfully I wasn't the only one who forgot though LOL.  So I just dropped our books in the drop box and I took the boys to play at the park right next to the Library for a while.  They had fun and immediately made friends with a couple of other kids there LOL.  They get along with everyone.  It really amazes me on how quickly they become friends with other children.  They don't care how old you are or what you look like.  All they care about is if you will play and talk with them LOL.  I remember being so painfully shy growing up.  I had a hard time making friends.  I don't know if that was because we moved around so much or because I got picked on a lot.  Maybe a combination of both.  I am just so thankful the boys aren't as bashful and shy as I was.

Anyway I got off track again LOL.  That was my day yesterday.  I don't think I actually got to sit down much till after five p.m. so I was pretty tired last night.  Thus the reason I didn't blog yesterday.

Today was Laundry Day.  This time I had quite a bit too since going through all the boys clothes and getting out all the fall/winter clothing and putting away all the summer clothes.  Surprisingly I didn't spend as much as I thought I would.  The washers work great there so they aren't too wet when they get to the dryer.

After going to the Laundromat we finished up school work and went back to the Library because I had to pick up a few books.  Chord wants to learn a bit about architecture and he picked out a few books to read.  He asked me how many he could get LOL. Like I was going to tell him he can only read a few books LOL.  He ended up getting four.  He wants me to read one or two to them too though.  So it's all good.  He has started reading the Magic Tree House books and he is really liking them.  He was reading the Andrew Lost books but he has read just about all of them now.  I am so glad he likes reading as much as I do. 

I also got a couple books for Jarod to read.  Well I help him but he's been doing well and I don't have to help him as much as I have had too.  I hope he learns to love reading too :).  I can't imagine not loving to read hehe. 

I also picked up a couple books on some history topics we are going to learn about.  With their History we mostly just read together about whatever it is we want to learn about.  I figure this way they will be more interested in what they are learning.  I remember being board to death in History/Civics classes.  Now I love learning about the past.  So far the boys like hearing about the past too so I hope this helps them really love to learn.

I guess I have babbled on enough and sorry if I have board you to death LOL.  I hope everyone is having a good week so far!!


Ami said...

You always make me feel like I'm not getting much done 'cause you're always so busy.


I'm grateful that the laundromat days are over for me, but I did it for eleven years.

In a way it's easier because you can wash and dry like six loads at once... but it sure runs into money.

Jody said...

LOL please don't feel like that LOL. Sometimes my house suffers because I am out and about so much LOL. I think it's my way of escaping having to worry about cleaning LOL. I grew-up an Army brat so I think it's in my nature to keep going LOL.

I wish we could have a washer and dryer but we have no hook-ups in this house we rent ugh. I can dream though :).

Jody said...
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Julie said...

Columbus Day? ... Yep... Forgot all about it! *lol8