Monday, September 8, 2008

Yesterday Jarod was just too funny. Hubby and I were talking about something (I forget what now LOL) and he called me young lady. Jarod pipped up and said ,"She's not young!!" (me with my mouth hanging open LOL) Harlow: "Should I call her old lady?" Jarod: "No she's not old either." Harlow: "Then what should I call her?" Jarod: " She's a WOMAN!!" LOL so I am neither young nor old. I am a WOMAN!! So remember it LOL!!!

Today was a busy day. I had a board meeting with the MOMS Club®. It was a long meeting and then I had to come home and get the minutes and Calendar for next month all typed up and sent. That with everyday things made it a busy day.

Hubby has decided to go to school for a state certificate to be a diesel mechanic. He will be taking the placement test next Wednesday at nine a.m. So keep him in your prayers that he does well. Then he will take the classes he needs for about a year and then hopefully get a job. Once he's in the job for a while he might go back to school for the degree but we shall see how it all goes. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


The Woman said...

Hey WOMAN whatcha doin lol I love his logic

Homeschool Mom said...

I will keep him in my prayers! Thank you so much for being a friend through this rough patch we are going through. It means a lot! I am sure your hubbie will do well.

Love Ya!

Julie said...

*lol* @ Jarod

Good luck to your hubby!... Hope he passes with flying colors! :D

Ellen said...

Jarod's comment was way to cute! I hope Hubby likes doing that kind of work. I have a friend whose husband loves it.