Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today has been a decent day. It was a bit humid and hot today but not as bad as it was before. Today we went to my mom's and visited with her and her fiance'. The boys love going there because they have some toys for just when they (or their cousin) come over. So it's all new for them. That way too we doing have to bring any toys :).

Thing with our new neighbor have gotten better. We (meaning her and I) actually had a nice conversation today. I really hope it continues because I really don't want to have troubles with one of our neighbors. I pray God gives me the wisdom to deal with things if the need arises. I know sometimes I can get hot headed and jump to defenses. That is one of my down falls. I do have to say since having the boys it has improved. Still need work on it of course but I am better than what I was. Both sides were in the wrong with the new neighbor so I am hoping and praying we can get passed it and maybe even eventually have a good relationship with them. At the very least a tolerable relationship.

Hubby is at his cousins house watching wrestling or boxing (I forget which LOL.) and the boys are in bed so I am having some quiet time before I go to bed... Tomorrow is church and as far as I know we have nothing planned. I probably should clean the house. It's not bad but my desk is very cluttered. Have I mentioned I am not a very good house wife? LOL. I am a good wife to my hubby (at least that's what he says LOL) and a good mom (as least I think so LOL.) but not a very good house wife. Then again we are always out and about too so I can blame it on that right? LOL. Ok I guess I am done rambling on for tonight. I hope I didn't bore you too much. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Julie said...

Glad things are improving with your neighbor... Makes things more comfortable when you see them outside.

Ellen said...

At least you know your neighbors. We had someone move in across the road and they do fireworks all the time. If that isn't bad enough they shoot guns all the time. Now, it is a little distcration but it isn't as bad as when our two dogs bark continuously at them.

I don't know the other neighbors at all and wouldn't recognize them at all. Their son comes and visits us once in a while.

I don't have a spell check so I hope I didn't make any erors. LOL

I hope you continue to feel better.

amysalli said...

glad to hear thing are going better with the neighbor.

The Woman said...

I do NOTHING On humid days I can't motivate blah