Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am feeling much better than I have been feeling. I actually feel human!! For a while there I was wondering LOL. Still not 100% but am up to 90% better now. Ugh it's nice to feel well again. I don't what it was but it hit me hard!

Anyway yesterday I had a Calendar Planning meeting with the MOMS Club® at a park. I didn't take the boys with me though because even though they haven't gotten what I had so far I didn't want to chance that they would spread it to the other kids. I have been a nurses aid before and I seen how fast an illness can spread. So I am really picky when it comes to spreading germs. I have to carry hand sanitizer with me because if we go to stores and touch a cart I have to use it to not only clean my hands but I even put some on the cart handle LOL. Then I use it again on my hands when I park the cart LOL. Anyway I am getting off track LOL. So I spent a couple hours there planning next months calendar and chatting with the other moms.

After coming home we didn't do too much. Just had the boys finish up some school work that we didn't get to before I had left. Other than that we didn't do anything. Which is good since I was still not feeling all that well. Today has been much the same. Only I didn't go any where. Harlow actually did grocery shopping for me while I stayed home and schooled the boys.

Tomorrow I am going to return some books to the Library and take the boys too so they can pick out some books and have a chance to play around there. Well other than that not much going on. I am just trying to feel 100%. How is your week been?


Ami said...

Ugh. I hate it when I'm sick. It makes everything in life so much more complicated when you're the mom AND you're sick!

Feel lots better soon.

You have things to do, you know.


Julie said...

Hope you're feeling 100% soon! No fun being sick!!!!