Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend was a full one. Friday, I had a MOMS Club® meeting in the afternoon. So the night before I had to get all the sign-up sheets printed and ready. It went pretty well all in all I think. Just glad I was able to get the newsletter to print. So I should be stress free till next months meeting ugh! Makes me wonder sometimes if I should have not taken the position.

Anyway after the meeting Friday we went to hub's brother's house. The boys always have fun playing with their cousins. It was an enjoyable time. Then we came home and our neighbor (not the new one but the one we've always gotten along with) was burning some sticks and the boys and I helped her find sticks. The boys had so much fun staying out after dark LOL. They don't get to often so it was really fun for them. They even brought out a flashlight to help look for sticks LOL. Chord kept saying this is the best night ever LOL. Too bad he doesn't get excited like that for chores LOL!!

Saturday the boys and I ended up at the neighbors again (better than cleaning house right? LOL) helping her sort through some of her Lego's from when her kids were little. I think the boys more played with them then sorted them though LOL. It's ok though because she just loves the boys and we all had fun playing with them a bit too LOL. Even Harlow joined in for a few minutes here and there LOL. After we helped her the boys and our landlords daughter (she's 12) all played some softball. Some how they talked me into it LOL. It was a good day though. The rest of the day was spent relaxing.

Sunday, was church of course. Afterwards we came home ate lunch and then went to my mom's her fiance' house to hang out. The boys some how coned my mom and I to play softball (yeah my boys love playing softball LOL) so we did that for a bit (was a beautiful day) then came in and had some pizza.

My mom ended up giving the boys five dollars each so when we were leaving they had holes in their pockets and wanted to go spend it. So we went and searched for some Lego Batman that they wanted. It took us four stores to find what they were looking for (they already knew what they wanted). So they put their money together and got what they wanted. Hubby with some E-bay money he has is getting them some other Lego Batman thing so the boys are splitting the figures evenly to each other. ... That is one thing I have never really had to worry about with the boys. They share things all the time without being told they have to. It's just something they have always done. Which is cool since I remember my younger brother and I used to fight all the time about anything we had to share LOL.

So that was our weekend. It was busy but it was a good time. So how was your weekend?


Julie said...

Our kids are really good about sharing and playing together too. It's nice, huh? :)

Sounds like a great weekend!

amysalli said...

glad you had a great weekend and that the boys had fun.

at least your weather was better than ours here. It rained just about all weekend.

Ellen said...

That's the kind of weekend you would like to have all the time. I'm glad you had an enjoyable one. I went to the pool Saturday to do my therapy and then ate supper with my husband and sister. We turned my craft room into a bedroom on Saturday.

I always like to hear about you and your family. Have a great week.

Weber said...

Sounds like a great time. It's nice you have such a good neighbor.
My boys love LEGO's in fact... we have an entire bonus room full which they play with EVERY day.