Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well not much went on today other than going to the Laundromat. I even got a nap in today which I needed. I have been staying up a little later and getting up at six a.m. so it's caught up with me LOL. I read a book I got from the Library before going to bed. Hey at least I am reading right? LOL.

Anyway things are going ok here. Hubby will be register for school tomorrow but won't be starting school till January. He is a bit nervous about starting school since he hasn't been to school since high school and collage is a bit different anyway. So if you can can you pray for him :). I know we would appreciate it. We have had some struggles since he's been laid off at the end of Feb. but I just know that we will be ok. God had gotten us through so much before this I know He will get us though. Sometimes it is hard to lean on Him though when I don't know where we are going you know? So please lots of prayers for us so we can stay calm and lean on God to get us through. Thanks!!!


The Woman said...

I hear that, I got my nap in finally this afternoon. I didn't get but maybe an hour sleep last night then had to get up and go get a blood draw then shopping then home then NAP

Julie said...

Good luck to your hubby and school!... I don't know if I would be brave enough to go back to school. *lol*