Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't have anything much to blog about. Had a pretty laid back weekend. Still trying not to use too much gas. The place we went to this weekend was Church. Oh and hubby went with his friend to Musicians Friend so he (his friend) could pick something up. That was about it for us. Today was much the same. Only difference is we did schooling LOL.

Tomorrow I am going to a Pot Luck within the MOMS Club®. It's a Mexican themed and we all get to bring one ingredient to it. Which is good for me because I am really awful on knowing what to bring or make for a pot luck LOL. This time I am bringing the shredded cheese LOL. So it should be a good time.

The rest of the week we aren't doing anything till Friday. That's when (if weather permits) hubby drops us off at my friends house (she homeschool's too) and then we head for the Zoo. We got a membership before hubby was laid off so as long as we pack our lunches we won't have to pay for anything :).

Tomorrow is also laundry day so I am going to go to the Laundromat (with boys and their school work) head to the store for a couple things and then to the Pot Luck. Then on Thursday we will probably do a bit of grocery shopping. So that is our week planned out. Pretty boring huh? LOL. How was your weekend?


Julie said...

We had a nice, quiet weekend! loved it!

Ellen said...

I spent the weekend in bed and sitting up in bed. My husband came home early from church since he knew I didn't feel good and he brought our youngest grandson with him.

Since I was in bed, he asked me why was my bed so messy. It cracked me up. He went on to tell me he lays on top of his covers so he doesn't have to make his bed. He is hot natured and doesn't require a sheet or blanket.

Someone gave us a foot rest and it is in my room. He pushed it to the bed and said "Now, I can sleep here." He will probably fall off of the bed or we will end up hitting him in the head with our feet, but we'll let him try it this coming weekend when he comes over.

He loves my porkchops. We get the real thick kind from Sams Club. They have no fat or bones. Then I slice them and cook them in my electric skillet. I spray Pam on them several times to get them from sticking to the bottom and I put seasoning salt and garlic salt on them. I watch them carefully and bring them out immediately when they are done. They are so juicy and tender. I can't believe how much he ate last time. It was a huge amount.

I am reading Janette Oke series on Love Come Softly and finished book 1 this weekend.

That is how my weekend went.

The Woman said...

I second that gas thing. I haven't gone much for a couple weeks now just to prevent the use for it lol