Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs Favorite Things

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Since I’ve been making you work really hard on the previous Memoir themes I decided to take a little break, and do something fun! This week I want to invite you to share a few of your favourite things.

Some of my favorite things.

  1. 1.  Getting up early in the morning and spending time with God watching the Sun rise.
  2. 2.  Spending time with my family.  Wether that's going to the zoo or sitting home just talking together.  I just love spending time with them.
    3.  Watching the boys learn something new.  I love that little glint in their eye when they finally understand something that before they didn't before. 
  3. 4.  I love learning.  Which is funny because when I was younger I had no appreciation for it.  Now I love learning new things.  The boys and I are learning Sign Language together through books and our neighbor who knows Sign Language.  It's really a joy to be learning this.
  4. 5.  Reading.  I love to just sit and read a good book. I think if I could I would just read all day long.  I hope and pray my boys have this same desire as they grow up.
  5. 6.  Ok this one is going to sound funny LOL.  But I love paper.  Paper products I just love them.  I have had this love of paper since I was a kid.  I love all kinds of paper things, books, writing paper, drawing paper, stationary.  I love the things that go with them too, pencils, erasers, pens, paper clips, any office supplies, school supplies, etc...
  6. 7.  Listening to the boys play together.  Hearing their imagination as they play together is just so much fun.  Makes me want to be just like them :).  I just love hearing the many adventures they go on.  It's usually Star Wars or Indiana Jones related LOL.
  7. 8. Spending time with my hubby.  Now that the boys are a little older hubby and I can have a lot more time together. Even without babysitters.  We can go in our room and just talk about nothing.  I love that our boys respect our relationship and that we can spend some quiet time together.  During these times we learn more and more about each other.  Even though we have now been married for ten years we are still finding out more about each other.  I love this time together!
  8. 9.  Watching old black and white movies.  I never thought much about them before till hubby started watching them.  I watch them and it's like be transported to another time.  Can you believe one day there was a silent movie on TV and the boys quit playing whatever they were playing and watched the whole thing?  Who would have thought an old black and white silent movie would catch the eyes of children.  They really loved it. 
  9. 10.  The MOMS Club® that I am in.  I have met some wonderful friends through the club and my boys have met a lot of friends too.  It's been a great experience and now I am taking part in the club itself by being the Secretary of the Club.  Love it!!!

These are just a few of my favorite things :). 


kel said...

I am loving now that I run getting out there first thing in the morning watching as the sun just barely starts to rise. Of course family time is on the favs and my fav family time is those mornings especially Saturdays when we are all piled in the bed talking all four of us can't beat those times.

Daddy's Chick's said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sharing your heart with me. I pray that God blesses your week.

The Woman said...

You know why you enjoy learning now? Because you aren't being made to do it. You are doing it of your own free will.

Homeschool Mom said...

I love this blog! It is strange that we have so much in coomon. I too, am a school supply junkie, I love reading, I love old movies, and spending time with my family. It is great to learn more about you this way. Keep it coming!

Love Ya!


Miss Jocelyn said...

Hi there!
I'm sorry I didn't make it clear in my post, but I wanted everyone to copy the list I made and post their favourite homeschool links under each category.

I've edited the post and hope I haven't confused too many! LOL

Also I think there must be something going on with the Mr. Linky site because no linkys will show up on any blogs. Please keep checking back here to leave your #5 post!

Miss Jocelyn

Angela said...

Love your list, I did it wrong too! But thats okay, I love reading all the things people love so to me its still a sucess!


madame said...

- I love cooking when I'm not stressed.
- Watching Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy or Humphrey Bogart movies.
- playing guitar and singing
- fabric, fabric, fabric...
- CHOCOLATE, the darker, the better!
- laughing with my children
- laughing with my husband

Weber said...

How fun - enjoyed reading all your favorites!
Family, nature and knitting are my top favorites.

Julie said...

I like your version of this meme better. *lol* ... I had a really hard time doing it, because I don't really do any internet surfing, and the only sites I visit on a regular basis are blogs. :D (and digital scrapbook sites)

Loved reading your list!

Sherry said...

My favorite is #1 which I do every morning.