Monday, August 11, 2008

Well today we started schooling officially I think LOL. We have been doing work on and off through the summer. Now I am hoping to keep things going from here on out. Tomorrow we will do a little bit of schooling because they have a play date with their friend. The one that got canceled before. They have been really looking forward to it so I don't want to have them too much work. I know since we are starting early anyway (and have done some already) they won't be behind.

Tomorrow I have to laundry as well. So I will have to get up a bit early and get to the Laundromat get that done and then come home put the clothes in the house (some of the shirts will still be wet because they can't be dried) and then get the boys around and out to their friends house. It should be a good time. For boys and for me since the mom is my friend too LOL.

I hope everyone has a good week!


Julie said...

We have three more weeks... Three weeks from today, we'll be starting classes... Let's hope I am ready by then!

amysalli said...

wow startign school already.
i have about two and a half more weeks till my boys go back and untill i start my classes as well.

hope you all have fun tomorrow as well.

Weber said...

Sounds like a busy day to start school! Have fun.
We homeschool year round but only do core subjects like math and reading in the summer. We usually start back in full swing the first week of Sept. Something about Sept. just seems like back to school time to me. :)

The Woman said...

mine start friday lol can't tell if they are happy about it or not lol