Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well we didn't end up going to church this morning. Last night hubby went to his brother's house along with his other brothers and friends. Well some how things go heated and Harlow was there most of the night trying to calm everyone down. He didn't get home till after three a.m. Then he woke me up of course to tell me about it. So I had a hard time (and he did too of course) going back to sleep. There was some drinking there and that is probably the reason for it all to have started in the first place with miscommunication. Makes me so glad hubby doesn't drink! I am glad he was there to help everyone settle down though. My poor hubby. Him and his brother's and sister have been through so much and I also think that's part of the problem too. Please pray for them all.

I got up early but then went back to sleep after feeding the boys because I was just too tired. About 9 a.m. I woke-up and got the boys ready and hubby, boys and I went to a friend from my MOMS Club® group where I helped with a fundraiser. We were having like a Carnival at her house. She had a bunch of cool games like Plinko, and other games and you won prizes (little dollar store prizes but they were so cool :) ). She even made something like elephant ears and ice cones. I helped run a few games as did others. It was a lot of fun. I just wish more people would have shown up. I know my boys had a great time!!!

Oh and I don't think I had posted an update about the neighbors did I? Hubby had went over there and apologized for his part in the argument and she apologized for hers. So I pray there will be no more drama with neighbors or anyone else. For me I would prefer a quiet, peaceful life than a drama filled one. I have had enough drama in my life for a life time LOL. So pray that drama doesn't come in three's and we have seen the last of it ugh. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


kel said...

Hope the drama calms.

amysalli said...

i hope the drama stays away.

glad you all had fun at your friends house with the mini carnival thing.

Weber said...

The fundraiser sounds like it was good time. Great news about your neighbors - hope all stays calm.

Julie said...

You have had a lot of drama lately, haven't you? ... Hope things settle down soon!