Friday, August 8, 2008

Just Some Updates

Let's see what I have been up to LOL. Wednesday we went to Harlow's cousins house. The boys are doing so much better with their fear of dogs. They are not as bad as they used to. While we were there Harlow's uncle gave me a recipe to make Zucchini bread! I have never made bread before so I thought I would give it a try sometime :).

Yesterday I spent most of my time talking to my one neighbor (the one we all get along with :) ). The boys played outside most of the day too. It was nice. I also tried my hand at making the zucchini bread. It turned out pretty good if I say so myself LOL. Hey I am not the only one who says so either LOL. The neighbor kids tried it and my neighbor lady tried it too :). Later hubby did (he wasn't home when it was done lol). Now my neighbor asks if she buys the ingredients would I make it for her LOL. I did make her some today which I will bring over when she is home LOL. She doesn't know it yet though :).

Oh also on Wednesday Jarod lost his other top tooth! The other one which he lost over a month ago (I think closer to two months) still hasn't grown in and he lost the other one LOL. He looks so funny without his two front teeth LOL. He lost it while eating cereal LOL. I didn't know it was that loose when he lost it. I knew it was loose but not that loose.

It was either Tuesday or maybe it was Wednesday while outside the boys and I found another preying mantis. So I took some pics of it. I had also taken some silly pics of the boys. they just love to pose LOL. Here are some pics I have taken :). Enjoy.
Jarod's missing tooth
A Trooper (so he says LOL)
A Jedi (so he says LOL)

Star Wars Boys

Preying Mantis


Julie said...

The preying mantis give me the creeps... When I see one outside, I run for cover! *lol* (I don't do bugs)

Jarod looks so cute without his two front teeth! ... If it were closer to Christmas, he would have the perfect song to sing... "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..." *lol*

The Woman said...

lol cute pics especially toothless. My mil makes zucchini bread and kaylie said it tasted kind of like banana bread and she liked it so I will see if I can't get the recipe from her.

Weber said...

Cute pictures of your boys. Mine love Star Wars too. :)