Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I finally got to the Kitchen and it is cleaned!! Yeah!! So now all I really have left to do is my side of our bedroom. It's mostly just organizing a little and vacuuming but that's no problem so I will get to it sometime LOL. Amazingly the rest of the house has stayed pretty decent. I'll probably have the boy's pick up their room again but that's not much either just a bit on their floor.

While I was cleaning Harlow took the boy's along with his cousin to a pond where they got to go on a Jet Ski with Harlow's cousin. I really wish they would have gotten pics but they didn't have a camera (darn it all). Harlow said the boy's had a blast!! They didn't even want to come home and they didn't get home till after 8:30 P.M. LOL!! I am glad they had a good time and had a "boy's night out!" LOL .

Other than that I just went to the Laundromat and did laundry (before cleaning the kitchen and before the "boy's night out."). Chord went with me because he said he wanted to just hang out with me. So we hung out LOL. Jarod stayed home with Harlow. So it was a good day. Not too exciting but a good day non the less.

Tomorrow is my first "board meeting" with the MOMS Club as and official Secretary now LOL. That's not till 6:30 P.M. though so at least I don't have to rush around in the morning. Harlow will be home with the boy's. We will be discussing next months calendar and other club things I am sure LOL. Thursday and Friday I don't have anything planned and no cleaning yeah! LOL. So I will probably just relax but who knows what will happen. I hope everyone had a good day!!


The Woman said...

your side of the bedroom, you mean harlow will clean his? WOW how does that work lol.

Julie said...

Sounds like your house is sparking! ... Glad the boys had a good time. I think Joe and my boys would love to do something like that! :D