Monday, July 14, 2008

Been a busy weekend. Saturday we didn't really go anywhere but I cleaned the living room and bathroom really well. Then Sunday we went to my SIL and BIL's house to go swimming! I will post some pics at the end of this post. We didn't get home till after 9P.M. and we were all pretty wore out then LOL.

I got some water in my ear and today it's finally coming all out. Note to self next time bring ear plugs. LOL. I wasn't going to go swimming and just watch everyone because I haven't owned a bathing suit in many many years (probably before kids LOL) and the only shorts I ever wear our Capri shorts because frankly I don't like my legs LOL. But, my SIL had some extra bathing suits and she let me borrow one. So we all ended up swimming and we did have a great time!!

Today I didn't get to really clean the kitchen like I was planning on. I had to drop off a Library book and also pick up some for the boy's and things and then we went to Harlow's cousins house just to visit. So tomorrow after going to the Laundromat I am hoping to get the kitchen done. I may have lost my motivation though LOL. Please give me some encouragement LOL! So how was every one's weekend?

Jarod and I racing. I won LOL.

Harlow helping Jarod

Me trying to get water out of my ear while Harlow is coming to dunk me LOL.

Me hugging Harlow pleading him not to dunk me LOL.

Harlow in the process of dunking me with Chord coming in to watch LOL.

Chord and I.

Harlow squirting me with the squirt gun and Chord laughing LOL.

My other SIL (not the one who's house we are at) is the one that took the pics. I have more but they have other family members in them and I don't think they want their pics on the Internet LOL. It was a good time!!


kel said...

Looks like fun.

Weber said...

Looks like you had a great time.

Julie said...

Looks like you had a great time! I haven't been swimming since 1994. *rofl*

The Woman said...

Men, why can't they let us swim lol. You know send those kids in with your sil and you and harlow have some pool fun. ;) that's so much fun lol