Monday, June 9, 2008

Ugh. Yesterday I had such a headache all day so I didn't blog. Then today at about eight P.M. our electricity went out! So sorry I haven't gotten up pictures I promised. will try and get them up tomorrow.(hopefully)

Today I had Bible Study with the MOMS Club. We are studying Joel Osteen's book Become a Better You. We have read through two chapters and it's pretty uplifting. I think we will enjoy it! I love having our monthly Bible Studies. I really look forward to them every month. Great group of ladies :).

Also today we got our incentive check. So we went to a new bank because we didn't like our old one. LOL. And opened up a new account. Then We went to one place to see if I could find a dress for the MOMS Club Year End Banquet but that place didn't have a nice dress that I liked. So we went to Dillard's. Before going there my mom and I had looked all over for one at other places and there just wasn't any. So today we went to Dillard's and I found a dress finally!!! It was on sale too so even better. I still think I paid too much for it but hey originally it was $130 and I got it for $83 and some change. Normally I would never spend that much on any clothes LOL but this banquet is something I really wanted to go to. Hey maybe it will be an excuse for hubby to take me out to a nice place so I can wear it more than once right? LOL. All though I still feel guilty for buying it even though hubby doesn't care.

Well I hope to get up pics tomorrow but I am off here and off to bed I think. I hope everyone had a good day!!


Homeschool Mom said...

I hate feeling guilty for buying things! I hope you have a great time at the banquet. Hey, show us the dress!


madame said...

Sorry you had a headache. They are a pain, literally!

I know how it feels to get home and feel guilty after a purchase. Do you look good in the dress? Do you feel good in it? If you do, then don't feel guilty.

Have fun at the banquet!

Jody said...

LOL Maria I will try and get some photos up here of it soon :)

Madame, thanks for the sympothy I am just glad I don't have it any more.

Yes, I think I look good in the dress :), I do actually feel good in it :) thank you so much for that reminder. I needed that.

I think I will have a great time thank you :D.

Julie said...

Joe would throw a fit if I spent that much on a dress. *sigh* ... He would drag me off to the GoodWill. :(

I hope we get to see you in the dress! I bet you'll look lovely!