Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ok I still haven't taken pics of the dress yet LOL. But I do have some pics and a video of Jarod riding his bike. Remember too he has a bigger bike but it's just too big for him to try without training wheels just yet. So we let him use his smaller bike (a bit small for him lol) to learn to ride.

Ok pics first!!!

Harlow helping Jarod

Here I go!!

Here I come!!

Riding with my brother!!

Ok now for the Video. Warning, I realized that I really don't like my voice LOL. I am kind of loud in it so you might want to turn down your speakers. Sorry about that LOL.

One of our Landlords barn cats had kittens not too long ago. Thought I would share these pics too even though they have nothing to do with Jarod learning to ride his bike LOL.


madame said...

You have two seriously cute boys there, Jody.
Thanks for the video too, now I can imagine you saying what you write!

How's your head?

dakotablueeyes said...

way to go, he's got it down doesn't he. There's nothing wrong with your voice

Julie said...

I wish I had videos of when the boys first learned... Joe would teach them without telling me that he took the training wheels off... Then they would come in later and tell me that they learned. *sigh* ... HELLO! I would have liked to get some pictures!!! *pout*

The pictures and video are great! Yay Jarod! ... And the kitties are darling!

Jody said...

Thank you Madame :) I am partial to my boy's too LOL. I am glad you like the video and my head is much better thank you :D.