Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Field Trip and Learing to Ride a Bike

Well the field trip went well!! Jarod even did pretty good for being afraid of dogs. At first I had to hold him. I held him for a while. He didn't scream or anything but he was hanging around my neck for dear life LOL. I didn't want him frightened to death so I didn't mind holding him (though he is six years old and you know he's no toddler size lol) as the tour went on he finally got off me and walked. He even pet some small dogs that were in training. He even let the vet's dog (a boxer) go past him without trying to climb on me like he was at the start LOL. He didn't pet that dog and when the dog did go by he got really close to me lol. But he didn't scream his head off. It's progress anyway ).

Chord is a little afraid of dogs but he did really well and even pet the Vet's dog! At the beginning he was a little apprehensive but as the tour went on he did really well. He even used a plastic Synge thing to feed the Vet's dog some baby food. It was a demonstration on how they would give the dog's medicine.

I am very proud of my boy's :D. They were a little afraid but did it anyway! I made sure I kept praising the boy's for being so brave. Even when I had to hold Jarod I was telling him your doing so good Jarod. Look you aren't screaming or crying. Look how brave you are. I think that really helped the boy's relax and enjoy the tour. They got some free things during the tour. They got a coloring book, a plastic syringe (not the one they fed the dog with lol) that had M&M's in it, a measuring cup and a sticker. After the tour the boy's were saying how much fun they had. I am so proud of them :D.

On another good note. I will have to post pics tomorrow hopefully, Jarod learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!!!! He used his old bike which is a little small for him to learn. See his new bike he really isn't quite tall enough so I didn't feel safe for him to take his training wheels off that one just yet. So we took them off his old bike and he was riding it in no time. What was funny though was being Jarod he wouldn't really watch where he was going. He would look either at his feet or every where but head on LOL. So he would accidentally turn really sharp and fall. He just got back up and tried again. My little trooper LOL. He's really getting it down. Won't be taking off his training wheels on his new bike though till he's a bit taller or I feel safer with him riding him.

I know with Jarod once he has it down he's going to be trying to do tricks LOL. He's our little dare-devil. Glad he has knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads along with a helmet. Pray he doesn't beat his self up too much LOL. He's already been talking about doing wheelies LOL. Don't know if my poor heart will be able to take it LOL. I don't have the pics and video uploaded but I hope to do that tomorrow. So hopefully I will have them up on here tomorrow! How was your day?


Carla said...

sounds like they did great!

YAY on the learning to ride a bicycle, that's HUGE in our house.

Julie said...

I would have been just as scared as Jarod... I have an unreasonable fear of dogs. *lol* ... Glad you all had a good time!

madame said...

Well done your two boys!
I don't know how mine would do around many dogs, but then they are only 3 and 4.5

My boys still don't have bikes. I wouldn't trust them riding them to the playground yet. I'd rather have them ride scooters because they often have a foot on the ground and can stop easily.

I have a little daredevil too. He's just 3, but he's unstoppable!

dakotablueeyes said...

good way to concur fears is to face them