Friday, June 6, 2008

Just got home about a 1/2 hour ago from my meeting with the MOMS Club. I learned what my duty's will be as Secretary. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers LOL. It's a lot to do but I think I can handle it really LOL. After we were done I got to really talk with our President (now not the one who's taking it over) and it was a good talk. She knows what it's like going through having your husband not have a job. Her hubby has one now but it's still at a lower pay and she had to take on a job. So it was nice to talk to someone who knows what we are going through.

Tomorrow it's off to the Veterinarian trip for the boy's :D. I know they will have fun. They get to see their one friend there too. I look forward to going. I love finding new things for them to do and learn. I love watching their faces as they learn something new. I have really grown to cherish these times. I guess I love homeschooling for a little bit of a selfish reason along with my other reasons LOL. I love that I get to see first hand when they see something that really intrest them. Also to watch them get understand something they didn't before. Seeing that light bulb moment!! I love to be the spectator in their learning. It just an amazing thing to me. :D

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


dakotablueeyes said...

hope the boys have fun today

Summer said...

I have that same selfish reason. :) I love being there to see their eyes light up over something new.

Julie said...

Is that secretary thing a voluntary position, or will you get paid?

Hope your hubby finds a job soon!!!