Thursday, June 5, 2008

Plans for the Weekend

Not much happening today other than it being really humid! We only have a window air conditioner so we put it in our room and it cools down our room and the boy's room. So we have been in our rooms for most of the day LOL.

Anyway tomorrow I have a meeting with some MOMS Club moms because the new board members (me and other moms) will be learning about what our jobs will be like and what we need like paper work and the like. If you remember I will be the new Secretary in the group. It will also be like a girls night out so that should be nice.

Sat. the boy's have a field trip with a homeschool group to a Veterinary Clinic where they will listen to a dogs heartbeat and look at worms in a microscope (eww). I think the boy's will enjoy it though. Jarod has even agreed to go even though he's afraid of dog's LOL. We shall see how he does LOL. Other than that not much going on. How is everyone else spending the weekend?


Julie said...

Sounds like you have a nice weekend ahead... We have a family reunion thing tomorrow, and are taking the trailer for one night.

I don't want to go. :(

Jana said...

Sounds like the kind of field trip my boys would love, too!

Have a great weekend!

madame said...

Hubby's working all day tomorrow. I hope to squeeze in a shop. We finally have a German car (we were driving a British, run down one), so I'm hoping to go shopping on my own. Pretty much like an evening off!!!!

Sunday will be church, as usual.

Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy the field trip! :-)