Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. We had church and didn't get home till after 9 PM and I was too tired to get on an blog LOL. We are reading Romans in our class at church. We have been talking about the difference of living just under the law and living under Grace. I am really enjoying it.

Today was Create and Play with the MOMS Club. We made some homemade children hand castings for the craft. It's just using flour, salt and water. She is going to take them home to bake and paint them. I think they will turn out great! I can't wait to see them!

Later we went to Harlow's brother's house to just hang out. The boy's had fun playing with one of their cousins. Their other one was in preschool so she wasn't there but her younger brother was. They always have so much fun when we go there.

Afterwards we went to Burger King and got something to eat and went to the cemetery where Harlow's mom and dad are buried. They finally have a headstone up for them so I got to see it for the first time. We didn't stay long though because it was pretty chilly out. We will go again when it's nicer out. Maybe we'll bring some flowers to put out there too.

I didn't know Harlow's dad too well. I had met and talked with him before we were married and all but I didn't get to know him much. Harlow's mom though I did. I really do miss her. She really was like another mom to me. I could go and talk to her about anything and she would listen. If I miss her that much I can only imagine how much Harlow misses both his parents. That is something as a wife I can't take away the pain of losing them.

Ok I am done being sappy I guess. Tomorrow was supposed to be a Bible Study within the MOMS Club but that was postpone till the 16th now. Tomorrow the boy's have a Hula Hoop thing at Church to go to. There will be games and things there for the community! I think it will be a good time.

No plans as of yet for the weekend. Probably go to my mom's on Sunday for Mother's Day but that's about it. Things will probably change though. They always do LOL. I hope everyone is having a good week!


dakotablueeyes said...

Bruce misses his dad too and I can only get him to visit his grave one time a year. I never met him so its hard to know what to say. I tell him though he needs to pass on stories to the kids so they know about their grandpa.

Julie said...

Sorry about Hubby's parents. :( That must be hard.

Sounds like you're getting busy again!!... Do you ever slow down girl? *lol*