Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sort Of.

LOL. I know title is a little odd. No today isn't hubby's and mine Wedding Anniversary. I was reading over at Anne's Blog and got to thinking that hubby and I have been together this month for fifteen years! I am bad and don't know the exact date but I know it was this month LOL.

We met over at my cousins house. I was spending the night at her house and his family was friends with them and were over and I met him there. We talked and flirted LOL. In May we finally started "going out". Turned out that my mom and his mom were friends when they were younger and hubby and I even shared a crib at one time LOL. My mom would go over there house and play cards so they would stick us in the same crib while they played!

See my dad was in the army so we were always moving. We would come back to Michigan for visits in between moving and some of those times we actually visited hubby's family. My mom reminded me of this when we first started dating and I remembered seeing pics of Harlow and asking my mom who that was LOL. So in away hubby and I have known each other all our lives though we really didn't know it LOL.

Harlow and I will be married for ten years in July! That is pretty good (I know not an extremely long time but still) considering most of our friends that were married before and after us are now divorced and some of them are remarried. Marriage has it's ups and downs but I really can't imagine spending it with anyone else. :D


Julie said...

On August 14th it will be 15 years since Joe and I started dating too!!... And on September 10th it'll be our 14 year anniversary.

I remember when we went out for our 10 year anniversary, Joe was bragging to everyone what day it was, and every one was so shocked... "10 years! Amazing!" they would say, and we would laugh... But it's kind of sad that people are so shocked that you could stay together for that long, you know?


Homeschool Mom said...

That is one of the greatest stories I have heard! It is so romantic to think that you knew each other for so long. Congrats on the anniversary. How romantic! I know I'm gushing, but real life romance is so great!


dakotablueeyes said...

its like destiny lol

kel said...

That's neat.
I always tease Matt in Sept about do you know what day this is after 14 years now he says "yes the day we met".
We celebrate 13 years this July and I think that is long especially in todays times.