Friday, May 9, 2008

Well we didn't end up going to Hula Mania at our Church tonight. Had something come up so we just stayed home and we are now watching the Nation Wide Race on TV LOL. The boy's are content and had a good time playing outside with a friend of theirs anyway LOL.

Tomorrow nothing planned but for me to go do the grocery shopping. So it will be another relaxing day. That is good I think we need it LOL. Sunday is Mother's Day but nothing really planned except maybe go to my mom's for the day.

Even though we are a busy family I have to say we do take some time to just be at home too. The boy's don't need to be out and about to be entertained. Sometimes I think they quite enjoy just being home on some day's LOL. We will have a busy week or two and then a week or two of not doing much. Seems to ebb and flow LOL.

So what are your plans for Mother's Day?


Julie said...

For Mother's Day I am hoping to just stay home and VEG all day. *lol* ... Sounds awesome to me!! (Especially since there will be NO CHORES involved! *wink*)

Jody said...

LOL sounds good to me!!! We might go to my mom's not sure what else we will be up to. Probably not much either LOL.