Friday, April 25, 2008

I almost forgot Maria Tagged me LOL. So here it goes.... This one might be a little hard on me since I have never really been materialistic and with growing up an army brat we moved so much so we didn't take much. Especially when we moved over seas.

10 Objects I Couldn't Live Without
This is a list of ten objects, not people that I couldn't or wouldn't want to live without.

1. My Bible. I love when I read it I can always find something I didn't remember reading before.
2. My Laptop. I love my laptop and it really helps with homeschool things LOL.
3. Here is a big one ICE CREAM! Maria I so agree with you here. What would the world be without Ice Cream? Helps me to just chill LOL.
4. Coffee- I don't drink a lot of coffee but I have to have my two cups of coffee in the morning! If not I might be a bit grumpy LOL
5. Books!! I love to read. I don't have a lot of time during the school months but during the summer my nose is always in a book and I can't imagine not reading!!!
6. Paper! LOL I know that is odd but I really like paper. I have since I was a kid loved to get stationary and paper products. I don't know why LOL. I just really like paper LOL.
7. Music. I may go a while without listening to it but then I get into a kick and will sing and listen to music for a while.
8.CHOCOLATE- I so agree with you on this one too Maria LOL! I love chocolate! It can make a bad day good and for a moment it takes you away to good times LOL. Yummy LOL.
9. C.S.I. - I know this is such a guilty pleasure of mine. I really love watching this show. I love trying to figure out who done it! I love watching how they find out not only who done it but how. I like watching the other ones but I can go without them but I can't go without watching the original
10. Most importantly my wedding rings. I lost my original set in the fire we had in '04. So these one are now even more important to me. Not because they are better or anything but because I know what it's like to lose them and I don't want to go through that again. They really mean something to me. They are not just rings but a promise from my hubby to me. To love me eternally.

It's TAGGING time. I Tag Anne, Julie, and Kelli


Homeschool Mom said...

Great job! I have a thing for paper and office supplies myself! I totally get it! Thanks for following through. BTW- your picture is great!


Julie said...

Oh! I would cry if I lost my rings!!!!

I noticed you changed your picture on the sidebar. Looks great!

dakotablueeyes said...

I will have to do this one on Sunday cause I never have anything to post on Sundays lol

Ruth said...

Wedding rings:
Once I got so angry at my husband that I threw my wedding ring at him. (BAD!). He opened the window and threw it out into the court.
It took days of scouring the court to find it. Never, never again!
Mine is a bit loose, so I take it off when I go swimming.

Where did you live overseas?