Friday, April 25, 2008

Man it really has been a busy week for me. Even more busier than usual. You seen from the pics what we did Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday the boy's got to sing the song they did on Easter at Church for a gathering of Open Bible Ministers. They came from all over to our church for a gathering. Boy's did great but of course dummy me forgot to bring my camera ugh! That's the night we didn't get home till after 10:30 PM. Very late night for the boy's.

Earlier in the day on Wednesday we went to the Laundromat to do laundry. Chord between doing his school work and such opened doors for anyone that came in LOL. People were even giving him things for doing it.(with my permission of course) He got some change, a little flag pin, a little box of gum for both boy's and some chips from a lady I talk with there a lot. He didn't open the doors for them to get anything but he was rewarded just the same. He is such a courteous little man if I do say so myself. Ok so I am a little bias but still LOL.

Thursday we had Science Club with the MOMS Club. My friend and I are in charge of that. It was the first one we did. We were supposed to do it last month but I got sick and had to cancel. This month it really turned out well. The kids made Gak and got to do a couple other experiments. It turned out better than I thought it would. I know the boy's really enjoyed it too.

Today I stayed home but was surprised when my dad called and said he was here. So he came to visit us! It was a nice visit. He had my Mimi with him (my grandma but we always called her Mimi) she is in her 80's and has Alzheimer's. She even had a good time watching the boy's and playing with them. Even though I am pretty sure she doesn't really know who they are. My dad lives in Arizona and my dad and his brother and sister (my uncle and aunt) take turns taking care of her and getting her to the doc's. So that's why he was in town. It was really nice having some family over though. So that has been my week. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Julie said...

Glad you got to see your Dad and Grandma! How nice!

BTW, what is Gak?

dakotablueeyes said...

oh that will be a visit you will never forget huh.