Monday, December 17, 2007

My Week Ahead and Being More Organized

Well the boy's didn't get to be in their play this weekend because we got a big snow storm that lasted from early morning hours of Sunday till late Sunday night so they canceled church services yesterday. So hopefully they will still do the play and do it this coming weekend. The boy's have worked so hard on their lines it would be sad to not see them get to perform them.

I can't believe just how much snow we got LOL. We went from almost all melted snow to a lot of snow. I will have to take a picture to show everyone LOL. So now that we've had our snow I am ready for summer again LOL. I am just so bad with cold weather. Makes me feel lazy, tired and really cold LOL. But I will get through it and it does look really pretty LOL!

For the local schools in our area were closed today. I let the boy's have a "snow day" too even though the last three they had already I haven't let them. I figured it was the first true "snow day." If it hadn't been so freezing out I would have let them out to play in it. But alas it was just too cold for any of us to go outside.

I was supposed to have a MOMS Club meeting today as well but since the schools were closed they canceled it till Wednesday. So at least I didn't have to run around today after all the running I did last week LOL.

Anne, I wanted to let you know I did buy me a planner LOL. Now let's see if I can remember to put things in it and look at it LOL. That is my New Years resolution LOL. I want to be more organized. I need to be more organized it really. I tell you I get what seems like ten million things that go through to my mind. Also unlike most people who can clean a room at a time in their house I can't seem to do that. I'll start off in one room and realize oh yeah I need to go do this and end up in a different room so it's like I never get anything truly done around the house. It's so easy for me to get distracted. It's almost like I have adult ADD LOL. I think I need to start listing for each room what I need to do and keep it in that room so I have it there to see exactly what needs to be done. This might keep me a little more on track. At least I hope.

Well tomorrow is good ol' laundry day. I got everything packed and ready to be put in the car. When hubby gets home he will put it in the car along with the boy's school work for tomorrow. At least I don't have to run around too much this week. Mostly just my normal stuff other than the MOMS Club meeting on Wednesday. So how was every one's weekend?

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multipleblessings said...

Boy, I wish we would get a decent snow here. *pout* ... But I am also with you. As soon as Christmas is over, I will be SO READY for summer! :D