Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Good Day!

First I wanted to say I am finally able to see video's on line and was able to download adobe flash player! It wouldn't download in Internet Explorer so I downloaded Firefox Internet Browser and it let me in that! So I will be using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. I like it so far LOL. At least now I can see video's online now. So I am much happier now LOL.

Today was the monthly MOMS Club meeting so I wen to that today with the boy's and they had a good time playing with their friends. Me and a friend of mine were in the nursery while the meeting went along (We all rotate every month 2 moms in the nursery) But it wasn't too bad. Mostly the kids were well behaved with only a few minor incidents. I think I am a big kid at heart anyway so being in there with the little kids was fun for the most part LOL.

The boy's did all their school work before we went to the MOMS Club meeting so when we got home they got to play outside in the snow. It's been so cold lately so they hadn't been able to play out in it. It wasn't too bad at all this afternoon so we all went outside to play! We were in our drive way and I was looking at the pile of snow that was left after being plowed and thought it would make a cool cave. So We started and it turned out pretty cool. You can so tell the boy's are so different from each other LOL. Chord loved digging out the snow and making the tunnel where as Jarod started out liking it but quickly got board and went to find some action LOL. He didn't mind posing for a few pics. in front of the cave we made though LOL!! Here are some pics.

Chord building digging it.

This was it when it got deeper but it wasn't fully built till later (no pic for finished product LOL)

Boy's Posing LOL.

It was hard to get the boy's to come inside LOL. They were having so much fun building this cave and having snowball fights LOL. I think they had more fun in the snow then they did playing outside in the summer LOL. After building most of the cave we went in and I made them some hot chocolate and soon after they were out the door again playing in the snow LOL. I finally called them in for good at around four pm because it was starting to really get cold again. If I hadn't called them in I think they would have lived out there LOL. It was a good time by all though. I tell you what though I helped them dig out a lot of the snow and boy am I tired now LOL. I think I will sleep well tonight as well as the boy's LOL. I hope everyones day was as good as ours!


multipleblessings said...

Boy, that sounds like so much fun! We *never* get that much snow! I think my kids would be in heaven!

Cool snow cave!


dakotablueeyes said...

well with a cave why should they come in. lol we used to dig snow tunnles and lay inside them for over half the day, one of us would go in and mom would ask where's your brother or sister and we were like in a snow drift, she would say what, yeah tunnel in the drift nice and toasty. lol

kel said...

That looks like fun. My son is wanting to see REAL snow so bad, we get a little flakes here and there.

dakotablueeyes said...

Merry Christmas!