Monday, December 24, 2007

The Boy's and Their Christmas Skit.

I used my regular digital camera to take this little clip. I also just used what was on the memory of the camera because I didn't have a stick. That's why I only got a clip. I have a couple other clips from it but I thought this one was better out of the three I had. It's the first real time I have actually used it too so you really can't see the boy's faces but they are the first ones on there saying their lines and then they go and stand on the stand.

The boy's did great! I was really surprised on how well they did. The looked like it was natural for them to be up there. I know if it were me I would have been nervous. I had told the boy's way before though what would happen and not to worry about all the people. Plus they have been practicing their lines for a while. They had a couple small other lines but in this clip it's just one of their lines. Like I said it's the best clip out of both of them LOL. It's a bit jumpy. I guess I should have practiced a little more before doing it but you get the drift LOL. I had taken some pics too but with where we were sitting it was hard to get any good close up pics. So I will just show this little video for now. It was a full house!

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multipleblessings said...

Aw! They look so cute on the clip!... For some reason, my clips never look that clear once I load them onto Google. They look fine when I view them in Quicktime, but once I upload them, they look blurry... I have no idea why. *sigh*