Friday, December 14, 2007

This and That

Today the boy's got to spend more of the money they got from Grandpa today. They also made some Thank You cards to send to Grandpa in Arizona. They loved making them. Jarod even wrote in (with me helping him spell the words since he is only five and still learning to read) his card. I know my dad will love them!

Tomorrow I am going to meet up at a coffee shop with some of the MOMS Club members and just talk about raising kids and what not. Should be interesting. I'd like to see how other's deal with things. Never know I might learn something new LOL.

Well I still haven't figured out my computer problem. I still can't seem to download the Adobe Flash Player no matter what I do. I have tried all th suggestions but to no avail. Hubby is going to try to see if he can do something. He probably can't (I can pray though right? LOL) but he said he would try.

Sunday, is the boy's play they are going to be in at church. It's supposed to be a snow storm though so we shall see if they will cancle Church or not. They have once before when it was really bad out but hopefully it won't be that bad.

I don't really have a lot to post about today. I think I am just tired from this busy week LOL. That's ok though because sometimes it's good to be busy and I have been keeping God as my focus now too so that helps. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


multipleblessings said...

Sometimes I think it's fun to talk to other Moms about parenting... But mostly I end up feeling not quite good enough. *sigh*


kel said...

Sounds busy. I am going to a homeschool moms thing tonight, I usually come home with some book I must order that they have talked about! Hubby just laughs but I have gotten some good ideas and books from the group time.