Friday, November 9, 2007


"What about socialization?" It's the most asked question I get. Whether it is when I am out and about or being asked online. If you do a search on homeschooling you usually find someone wondering about this. This is such a common misconception of homeschooling. Schooling for lots of homeschoolers lasts only a few hours (depending how things go and how a person chooses to homeschool). This leaves lots of time for other things. It can be anything from just going outside to play even with the younger kids, doing things like going to the library and meeting other kids, joining a homeschool co-op, doing some volunteer community service. This also includes things like sports, and if the homeschool family is a Christian they could also be involved with their church. There are so many options out there for "socialization."

At the moment my boy's are not in any sports or clubs (other than the MOMS Club where they play with other children) because we can't afford it. With hubby losing his job at the end of April we just can't afford it. Hopefully he can find a job. (We are leaving it to God and hubby is looking). I would ask my mom because she has offered to help out with things if we asked her but she too may be losing her job. So I don't want to burden her with that. We will get through because God always seems to provide for us. I'll tell you a story about that another time because it would just be too long LOL.

Anyway I do take the boy's to the Library a lot and I am in the MOMS Club where they get to play with the other kids there. Then of course we take them to the park at times. Not only do I do that for them but I do take them with me when I go to the Laundromat and sometimes even grocery shopping. They are never too far from talking to someone. With them being homeschooled they get a lot of people talking to them, and asking about "school" and what not. So they are always talking or playing with someone of many different ages and cultures.

Another thing I hear a lot of people ask is what about diversity? I can honestly say my boy's have met a lot of people from different races and cultures. If they had been going to the school here, there really isn't much diversity. It's mostly a white school with maybe one of two that are not white. Just going to the Laundromat alone with me they see more diversity than they would in our school district.

Eventually I would like to have the boy's in something like Boy Scouts or martial arts. That is if they so choose to be in those things. It will be their decision ultimately. But right now we do ok how we are and I will continue to do the best for the boy's. I know I am not that good of a writer but hopefully this helps explain from my perspective of the socialization question.


Julie said...

Hey Jody!

Isn't it funny that people think that homeschool kids don't get socialized. I guess they think we never leave the house at all. *shrugs*

Thank you for your sweet comment on my homeschooling post... Though after the last comment I got, I think that I won't be posting about homeschooling again in the near future! *rofl* I think I'll stick with safe subjects!! :)

jenn said...

hi there! i came from my pal julie's blog.
i tend to agree with the two of you!
my three boys are under four, and i'm already "teaching" them at home. they get plenty of socialization at church.
God bless and i'll be back!

Jody said...

That's so great that you homeschool them now! I wish I would have thought about it when they were little. I did do some when my youngest was 3 and 1/2 and four but not with my oldest till he was close to going to Kindergarten. They really do get plenty of socializing. I just can't believe some people think we just lock them in doors all day LOL!

dakotablueeyes said...

We were talking to some friends of ours who has a daughter homeschooling their son and the only activity he's in (pushed into) is motorcycle racing but grandma says he's not well socialized at all. He doesn't know how to act around people

Jody said...

Sadly there are some parent's that homeschool who aren't trying but then again I know of some public schooled children (I was one of them LOL) who weren't well socialized either. Believe it or not I didn't talk much to anyone and wasn't very social till I hit adulthood to be honest. I know I'm weird LOL.