Monday, October 22, 2007

This and That. That and This

Sunday we didn't get to church. Because H. didn't get home from helping his friend till four a.m. He even woke me up when he got home LOL. That's ok though because we went outside for a minute and looked at the stars. It was really pretty. That's one thing that is nice about living a bit out in the country because you can really see the stars. They were so bright! So I guess getting me up at that time of night (morning) turned out ok LOL. We were pretty much lazy for the rest of the day LOL.
Today was a pretty normal day. Woke up at seven a.m. I woke the boy's, they had breakfast and brushed their teeth and got dressed. Then I let them play till eight a.m. and we started school. C. and I are having fun learning about George Washington. We are making a project out of it. He is really learning a lot from it and I am too LOL. That's one thing I really love about homeschooling too is that I can learn right along with them. Keeps my mind sharp LOL. We all finished just before 11 a.m. and they went and played together while I got tomorrow's lesson planned and printed and the house cleaned up some and then it was dinner time. Not too many dull moments in this house LOL.
Tomorrow is Tuesday so it's laundry day. Which means it's time to go to the Laundromat. I got all the clothes ready and the boy's school stuff packed to go tomorrow. I do school a little with them while we are there. Keeps them busy and keeps our schedule a bit on target. But if something happens our schedule can be changed and not a big deal. Another great thing about homeschooling LOL.
Instead of going "Trick or Treating" on Halloween, we are going to go to the Zoo this weekend and do it there. They do it every year and we have a membership there so it's only a small fee to do it other wise. Plus we did it a couple years ago and the boy's loved it. So I know they will love it this year too! We have had their costumes for a month now LOL. They have been counting down the day's. C. is going to be a Clone Trooper and J. is going to be Darth Vader. LOL can't tell they love "Star Wars" can you? LOL. My brother got them into that. I have to really be sure to thank him for that(Insert rolling eyes) LOL.

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